Jay Park has put out a short freestyle track set to Meek Mill‘s “Classic.”



The AOMG soloist and president has recently released a short freestyle track on the AOMGOFFICIAL soundcloud account. The freestyle is set to Meek Mill‘s recent track “Classic” which was released in June and featured Swizz Beatz and Jeremih on the original track.



Take a listen and check out the lyrics below:








Say AOMG. Artists only money getters.

I’m always on my grind. What?

Seattle to Seoul WHAT?

Who puttin’ on for the town, putting’ on for the squad
a king that’s yet to be crowned, in a game full a fraud’s
it’s like i’m going for a jog, just me and my dog’s
yeah i’m running through the city like i am the 6 God
grindin’ like we hungry Ramadan, through the fire Chaka Khan
super hero comic con, No Jet Lei but i’m the “one”
her booty go duh duh duh you see me like what the fuck
i’m shittin on the rappers dropping nukes and hadukens dropping
wait… you can’t do it like me
mayweather and pacquiao you are not exciting
your punches pirhanna style, your just biting
my punches be Jackie style, kunfu fighting
but i ain’t a “panda” i’m “santa” my gifts rap
i bust my aka MC hammer i’m just nuts
i’ll fuck this game while wearing pajamas
cause y’all sleeping on me RIP i’m at your “wake” now
so sip up