Jackie Chan’s group, JJCC, will make their comeback in Korea with the addition of two new members.



JJCC, the boy group that debuted in 2014 under Jackie Chan‘s label in South Korea, on August 11th released a short video on their Official Youtube Channel teasing about the addition of two new members. The original five members  E.co, Eddy, Simba, San-Cheong, and Prince Mak talk about the new members even though they were strategically ‘censored’ to tease fans. Check the video below!





In addition, the group released two more teaser images were all the boys pose for the camera but in one of the pictures, the two new members’ figures are all blurred while in the other one they pose with their back to the photographer, faces well hidden.



As a comment to the pics the group wrote: “Finally, JJCC are going to make a comeback~!!  We’ve returned with the reinforcement of two more members~~^^  You’re curious what kind of charming members we’re using as reinforcement right?  Please wait just a little~ ^^  This song is also a very cool song, so please give us more love and everything will be revealed on the 20th so wait a bit longer and have high, high expectations ^^” . Check the teaser images below!












Can you guess who they are?