JungKey revealed the live and music video for his latest leading track “Anymore“!

He has released his new single album ‘EMPTY‘ which contains two tracks. The first is “Anymore” which features MAMAMOO‘s WheeIn and is about a breakup story. JungKey revealed, being ‘burdened’ is a common word in farewell and it’s a when there is no reason left which is why he made it more dramatically. The other track is called “Today” and features DOKO who is a new producer and singer. The song is about how he misses his lover after the breakup and remembers how foolish he was. For this release JungKey worked with producer Humbert once again.

For the leading track “Anymore“, the music video has been revealed, which you can check out above as well as another version in which you can listen to WheeIn‘s soothing vocals live. Check it out below!