24K (pronounced two-four-kay) are a 7 member group that debuted in 2012 under Choeun Entertainment. Prior to the debut of 24K, the members were split into two teams – 4K and 2K. However, 4K got proper promotion and the members of 2K did their own separate activities.

4K consisted of members Cory (the leader), Kisu, Sungoh and Seokjune, and were seen as the ‘vocal’ aspect of 24K. Prior to the release of 24K’s “Hurry Up”, 4K released a song and music video for “Rocking Girl” which came from the sub-unit’s album baring the same name. Shortly after, music videos for “Bye Bye Bye” and “Moonlight Sonata” were revealed too. 4K didn’t officially debut as a four member sub unit; however their released stuff gave fans a taste of what (they thought) would be coming.

4K’s first music video, “Rocking Girl” was released on the 11th of June. However, fans didn’t really hear much from the group and their whereabouts considering that they weren’t performing any live stages on shows like Inkigayo and MCountdown. However, teasers started rolling from Choeun Entertainment‘s YouTube channel which showcased some teasers of this new group, 24K. New fans of 4K began to wonder if the original 4 members had anything to do with it. It wasn’t until September 5th of 2012 did fans see the original four members, Cory, Kisu, Sungoh and Seokjune release a music video along with two other members who made up 2K. 2K consisted of Byungho and Daeil (also known as BigOne when he releases solo activities) and are the ‘dance and rap’ aspect of the group.

Although 2K consisted of both Byungho and Daeil, Daeil is the only member that had official releases. He goes under the alias of BigOne when he does his solo activities. He released his rap track “Big Shootin” featuring BUGGY on the 21st of February. He was also part of the ‘2015 PROJECT X’, in which him and some other idols came together to reveal a sultry and seductive dance video for Bando Jonez’ “Sex You”. Some of the other idols he collaborated with include Block B’s B-Bomb and MyName’s Seyong.

The combination of 2K and 4K resulted in 24K, and “Hurry Up” was the official embarking of their debut as a 6 member group.

“Hurry Up” has a completely different sound compared to what 4K had to offer, so many fans were pleasantly perplexed at the change. The era consisted of two music videos (“Hurry Up” and “Secret Love”) and a mini album. The member line up for this era was Cory, Kisu, Sungoh, Seokjune, Daeil and Byungho also. However, for their next comeback they experienced some member changes. During their hiatus before “U R SO CUTE”, Seokjune had to leave the group because of some injuries that he had that restricted him for staying in the group.

On July 31st 2013, 24K made a comeback with “U R SO CUTE” and take a surprising turn from their charismatic attires in “Hurry Up”. They don a much cuter concept for this song and the comeback seen an abundance of lively colours, cute outfits and aegyo gestures. This new era also introduced their new member, Jeunguk, who replaced Seokjune. 24K also released a mini album titled “U R SO CUTE” also.

Fans began to wait in anticipation for 24K’s return after that era. There was a statement released that Byungho had a secret marriage and child that he kept a secret from the company and the members, along with the fact that he had severe back injuries too – We hope Byungho and Seokjune are doing well!

After that statement was released and Byungho left the group, fans were anxious to see the outcome of the group, and alas, 24K finally made a comeback with “Hey You” on April 12th. What’s most interesting about this comeback was, while there was the original member line up consisting of Cory, Kisu, Daeil, Sungoh and Jeunguk, two new members were added as well. Yet, there was no official statement made regarding these two members. They wore masks in the music video, photo shoot, and even to fan meets as well as live stages. Fans even started calling the two anonymous members the ‘Masked Oppas’ also.

As live stages of “Hey You” began to string out through the weeks, fans were becoming inpatient with the purpose of masking the two members, who continuously had camera close ups, yet no singing lines. Finally, on the 31st of March, the group’s Inkigayo performance embarked the official performance in which the masked members were in fact unmasked! Although the Inkigayo performance was taken down off of YouTube due to copyright reasons, you can still watch their other performance where the two members are unmasked [HERE]. The two ‘Masked Oppas’ revealed to be named Hui/Hwi and Jinhong! Jinhong was born in 1998, making him the new maknae.


In October of the same year, the boys returned once again and released their 3rd mini album “Super Fly” for which they have promoted the same-titled track. After that, 2016 has been a busy year for the group. Members Daeil and Sungoh announced their decision to take some time off the group’s promotions and Choeun Entertainment confirmed it through a statement. Daeil decided to pursue a solo career while Sungoh has been receiving medical treatements for his shoulder injury.

On August 11th the group returned with the single “Still 24K” and two new members: Changsun and Hongseob. Two months later, on October 21st, 24K released “The Real One“, the group’s first full-lenght album that included their previous released singles and the promotional track “Bingo“.

The album released confirmed the boys international success and brought them on a World Tour through South America and Europe.

24K are definitely a group not to miss out on! With their solid vocals, impressive dance and passionate rap, they will always have something new and fresh to bring to the table. With the addition of the two new members also, the staff of Japako are excited to see where they will be headed in this music industry!

Dea – June 2015

Updated: June 2017, Martina

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