The Boys band A-Jax started in 2012 with the single “One 4 U”, they were already know as the DSP Boys but they changed their names when they debuted for A-Jax. The boys have improved a lot from their debut to nowadays. Their singing skills have clearly become more impressive and their choreographies are more creative. Though, they are still underrated too much. They do have success but they deserve way much better. They clearly have the talent and they always work very hard. They have good songs and concepts for their choreographies. A-Jax debuted in Japan almost at the same time as in Korea, but it seems that their Japanese activities are not very big. With their last mini album Insane, we hope they will gain more attention as the song is original and shows how much they improved.

In June 2012, they made their official debut with “One 4 U”, even though they first release a single titled “Never let go”. One month later, they were already making a come back with hot game, showing a different image. In August, they released their first Japanese single One 4 U and kept on doing their Japaneses activities until end of October. On the 15th of November, they made a new come back with a mini album titles2MYX. After so many releases one after another, they finally took a break to come back in July 2013 with a second mini album Insane.

A-Jax is composed of 7 members, the leader and rapper Hyeongkon with a lot of charisma, he seems particularly active and funny. The face of the group and sub-vocalist, Jaehyung, seems to be very charming, his glance could make melt more than one heart. Hyojun is the main dancer of the group and shows off very good skills when it comes to dance. The lead vocalist, Yunyoung who has a nice voice and a pretty face. The main vocalist with a very good vocal capacity is Sungmin, his voice has improved a lot in one year. He has a very good presence on stage. The other sub-vocalist, Seungyub, is also the maknae of the band, but not far from him, you find the other rapper and lead dancer, Seungjin, who looks very cute.

We think that the potential of A-Jax is high and we hope for them to get more attention as they deserve more success. So don’t hesitate to check them out and give them your support because the boys are really great and talented!


Unfortunately, in 2016, the group went through a line-up change. Jaehyung, Sungmin and Jihu left the group. Sungmin announced his departure from the group on January 7th while Jaehyung and Jihu on February 5th. However, if Jihu and Sungmin decided to remain under the label’s care, Jaehyung – while still enlisted, decided to terminate the contract and leave the agency.

The three member were replaced only by Junghee. Jo Junghee was born on November 27th 1995 and is now the youngest member of A-Jax.


After releasing their latest Japanese single “Romeo” in September 2017, the group announced some changes in the line up once again: members Seungjin and Junghee revealed their intention to join the new idol rebooting program “The Unit” while member Jihu will take part in YG’s CEO program “MIXNINE”

Originally written by Vivi C.

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