Akdong Musician (Korean: 악동뮤지션), also known as AKMU, is a South Korean duo which is currently under YG Entertainment. The particularity of this duo is that it’s composed by two siblings, Chanhyuk and Suhyun. Despite their young age (Chanhyuk was born in 1996 and Suhyun in 1999), AKMU gained a lot of popularity already before their official debut.

The first glimpse of their amazing talent was revealed in K-Pop Star Season 2, where they did not only captured the viewer’s hearts but also the jury itself, with Yang Hyunsuk (YG founder) defining them as “true artists”. In fact, they ended up as winner of the musical survival television program and shortly after, they signed an exclusive contract with one of the most famous agencies in South Korea, YG Entertainment.

Their lovely appearance, a mixture of cuteness and shyness, can be seen even when they’re on stage, as well as during their performances, they literally bloom, becoming capable artist which are able to communicate with their fans through stunning artistic stages.

Chanhyuk and Suhyun spent a lot of time in Mongolia. Their parents are missionaries and dedicated as much time as possible in homeschooling their children. As the two siblings decided to pursue a music career, they came back to South Korea in order to participate in K-pop Star Season 2.

Soon after their triumphant winning of K-Pop Star Season 2, they got various offers from different agencies and they decided to join the YG-Family, where they immediately started with a trainee period and then with the production of their first album.

Nine months after Kpop-Star Season 2, their debut album “Play” was released. The 11-track album entirely written and produced by Lee Chanhyuk was a huge success. With 3 title track and MV to go with, the album reached peak positions not only on the Gaon Charts, but also on Billboard’s U.S. World Albums Chart. They officially debuted during the first episode of K-Pop Star Season 3.

After their successful debut, AKMU participated in different projects: they covered Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”, they released “Like Ga, Na, Da” (가나다같이) with a special MV in occasion of Hangul Day and Suhyun debutet in “Hi Suhyun”, a YG-subunit together with her label-mate Lee Hi.

In May 2016, AKMU made their comeback with a mini-album called “Spring Vol.1” (思春記上) with two title tracks. “Re-Bye” and “How People Move“. Both tracks reached top chats position, confirming once again their success and gift in making good music.

For the years to come we’re going to hear less from AKMU. In fact, it has been announced that Chanhyuk will enlist the mandatory military service as soon as they wrap up the promotions for “Spring Vol.1”.


After releasing an EP, a season album and a single album through the end of 2016 to the summer of 2017, Akdong Musician went on a two year hiatus. Member Chanhyuk, as a matter of fact, enlisted for his mandatory military service on September 2017. It’s not sure if his sister Suhyun will debut solo in the meantime or will patiently wait for his return.

Written by Moed88 in June 2016

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