B.A.P, who stands for Best, Absolute and Perfect, is one of the newest K-pop Idol bands. No wonder why, because they are amazingly talented. Their name is definitely known in Europe as they were number one in the Korean charts in Germany. There’s definitely space for them here in Europe and we really want them to get all the success they deserve worldwide. But most of all, we want them to come in Europe and meet the European Babies (the fans are called the Babies). They were formed beginning  2012, they already made 3 mini albums and we are waiting for more. They trained very hard and waited until the time was ripe for them to finally show their talent. But when they did it, a lot of people fell in love with their talent and their image. Their music sounds a bit more hip hop than pop. They also seem more harsh by their attitude and  their lyrics. Even though they don’t always take themselves too seriously, especially when you hear „Crash“. They challenged themselves and did it very well. It’s totally hilarious but it’s still a very good song. They are worth gold, because it’s just a pleasure to listen to their music and also to watch them because they are all cute and funny.

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Now individually, they all have a strong personality and they are totally different from each other. It still seems to work perfectly fine and the atmosphere in the band seems great. The leader Bang Yong Guk is the rapper. He is talented and has this kind of voice you’ll recognize between Thousand of other voices. A deep, strong and sexy voice who makes you melt right on the ground every time you hear it. He has also a great smile and laugh. He has the bad boy kind of attitude with a sweet heart inside. He cares a lot about the other members and takes his leader role very seriously.

Himchan, the general, who is also rapping, is totally different, he is a bit precious and scary at the same time. He has a very low voice as well and has a lot of talent too. He  just makes such weird faces sometimes and he is able to scare you just by looking at you. He is definitely one of a kind, but he is very good looking so we won’t complain.

The other rapper is Zelo, what a talented guy! He can dance very well and he has a way to rap which is sometimes astonishing. He is able to make a very fast rap, like in „Warrior“ pretty easily. The way he can move his legs is also very impressive. This young tall guy has everything for him. He is talented, he is very cute and so adorable, you cannot help but love him just because he is Zelo and Zelo is unique. Now let’s pass to the singers.

Daehyun, an amazing voice, very handsome and with a smile which makes all the Babies go nuts, that’s our Daehyun. He is the visual and the main vocal, so no wonder why! But the most important is what he can do with his sweet voice, he has this capacity to get a very high note and play with his voice, it’s awesome! He is definitely one of the best singer we know. We especially like him for his mysterious personality, it’s sometimes very hard to really know what he thinks. That’s definitely opening our interest to find out more! But we cannot forget his evil side, it makes him even cuter!

As second vocalist, we have Youngjae, full of sweetness but not without having something to say. After Yong Guk and Himchan, he is definitely the one who talks the most. He is also very talented and has a sweet voice. He seems to have the role to cool down a bit the two strong personalities of Himchan and Yong Guk. Even if he has a strong personality himself, he is a bit more cool and thoughtful.

And last but not least, Jong up, the dancing machine, the ex-b-boy and God knows he has the move. He is such a great dancer and when he starts dancing, he is just shining. But he generally shines because he is always smiling, a very sweet smile. He seems always joyful and it’s a pleasure to see him always with this positive feeling on his face. He is a bit quieter than the others but he is still young so that’s understandable. Anyway, they have all a lot of charisma and they are all unique, that’s what make B.A.P. so interesting! We really love them and we will definitely follow all their steps to greatness.

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They already released three mini albums so far. Their first EP, released on the 26th of January, was Warrior with two absolutely great songs „Warrior“ and „Unbreakable“, you can already hear and see all their talents with this first EP. They are also directly making a difference between them and the other K-Pop bands from the beginning. Their sounds is more powerful and their lyrics are a bit harder. they’re not cute love songs or Bad boy songs, it’s about fighting through your life and achieve whatever you want to do in your life! That’s the kind of message we especially like. They made their come back pretty quickly with Power, on the 27th of April. It was surely very fast but once again an amazing EP which gives us this time four whole songs. At least, we can enjoy a bit more. Finally, they released their last EP on the 19th of July, this one is called No mercy. Again, all the songs are amazing and powerful. There’s not a song from B.A.P. we dislike. They are making great songs, great dances and they are really giving a strong message in their songs. All is reunited for them to become huge and take the world in assault, be prepared for the Warriors, B.A.P is in the house!

What can we say more ? You can only like them, they are the must of the K-Pop for the moment and we are definitely waiting for them to come in Europe and to meet them! Let’s help them conquer the world!

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In 2013 the band had a blast and released two EPs: “One Shot” and “Badman”. The title-tracks for both EPs placed themselves in the top3 of the Korean charts. The year also saw B.A.P first World Tour “B.A.P Live On Earth” and their “B.A.P 1st Japan Tour Warrior Begins”.

In 2014 the so much awaited 1st full album finally became reality. On February 3rd, B.A.P released “First Sensibility” and started promoting the emotional title-track “1004 (Angel)”. That year the band also started their “B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 Continent Tour”. Unfortunately, the end of 2014 the group also announced to have filed a lawsuit against their label, T.S Entertainment.

Since then, the band had been on a long hiatus till August 2015 when both sides stated to have settled their dispute. In November B.A.P made their long awaited comeback with their eight EP “Matrix” for which their promoted the title-track “Young, Wild & Free“.

At the beginning of 2016, in February, the group released another EP “Carnival” and announced their “2016: B.A.P Live On Earth 2016 World Tour”.

We can expect always something good from them so stay tuned for their future releases!


Text by Virginia C.

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