They already said “Hello” introducing themselves to the people and asked “Are you Ready?” as they are making their way to the music industry. Here are the boys who keep the vibe of hiphop in Kpop scene, B.I.G. (short for Boys in Groove.)

B.I.G. is a boy group under GH Entertainment who just debuted on July 9, 2014. They successfully launched their first digital single and music video of “Hello” receiving lots of positive comments from public. The promotion lasted for months until the second release of “Are you Ready?” in October of the same year and once again, got poured by praises from the fans. From both MVs, the boys showcase their powerful dance and impressive talent in rapping and singing. They even look so fine and radiant having natural beautiful faces.

The group consists of five talented members and even though hiphop is in their genre, B.I.G. has an opposite characteristics of it. Despite of being manly and powerful on stage, the members actually hold pretty adorable and light charms within them.

The members include J-Hoon, whose real name is Im Junghoon, and he was born on July 15, 1990 making him the eldest and the leader. Aside from that, he has also the part of being a dancer and vocalist in the group. Next one is Bae Jaewook or simply known as Benji – the member who is responsible for rapping and who, according to the members, is too friendly and seems alien. He is a ’92 liner who was born on May 3rd. Now, meet Lee Gunmin who’s a ’94 liner following Benji, but he is younger as he was born on 3rd of October. Gunmin is B.I.G.’s dancer and vocalist. Gook Minpyo is the 4th member to be mentioned and another rapper of the group. He was born on November 15, 1994. Finally, here’s the maknae/youngest named Yoo Heedo who was born on April 22, 1996. He owns a young, fresh and cool auras being a rapper, too.

B.I.G. surely has a long way to run but here they are, showing that they are up to be as great idols as they can be. The boys will eventually be known deeply not just as idols but as people who want to pursue dreams they’ve grown up to. Now is the right time to be a witness of their improvement and progress on their way to be the best of the best.

Trisha – January 2015