At Japako Music, we really love the band B2ST. They have everything we like and we ask for a band to be successful, and indeed they are. Those six boys have a way to make us dream with their songs. They are also able to make us melt with their beautiful dance. But most of all, they are just full of talents and charms. They were formed in 2009. They got success very quickly from the beginning, even though they had a lot of critics, saying that they were a recycled group due to the past of the members. Well they proved everybody wrong very quickly and we are very proud of them for that. With so many talents, you cannot be treated as a recycled group for sure! They are great and deserve the respect of everybody! Though, they were already able to perform a solo concert beginning 2011, which is pretty soon, it’s definitely showing their huge success and their talents. Lately they also did a world tour, beginning 2012 and came in Europe as well. Unfortunately, we missed them, what a shame! They did win a lot of awards. So… amazing… they are, really! Anyway, we just fell in love with them and we definitely want to bring them back in Europe. All we can say, they deserve their success and we just want to keep it that way or maybe make them become even bigger. What about that? Will you help us?

Now let me introduce you all the members. Let’s start with the leader Dujun, this handsome guy has such a presence, he is a bit impressive but it’s giving him a lot of charm. He is very funny and can talk a lot; he is maybe the one who is talking the most, no wonder why he is the leader. Of course, he is talented, he is able to do everything he wants, rap, sing and being sexy! That’s all we want! Following you have Hyunseung, once again such a talented guy, he can sing beautifully with his special sweet voice and he can dance wonderfully, every time he does his sexy moves, all the girls are on floor for sure! He always seems to be in the clouds and does whatever he feels like doing. He is definitely in his own world and we like it as this is also why he is so charming. Then we have the rapper Junhyung, the bad boy kind of look who is really handsome too. We like to hear him rap, he is always doing it  in a sweet way which makes him different from the others. He is a bit quieter but he has a lot of charisma so we cannot miss him. He certainly has a lot of authority as well even though he is not showing it that easily. The cute main singer Yoseop with his wonderful voice and his sweet smile is just amazing, we only want to cuddle him as soon as we see him, and we guess all the fans can understand this point. He is a really good singer and it’s a pleasure to hear him playing with his voice as much as it is a pleasure to look at him, because we can say he is also very handsome. He is the most funny, always saying or doing stupid things, without talking about the faces he can make. His laugh is also a pure joy! Now the sexy Gikwang, what a great guy as well! His moves are perfect, he sings like an angel and he is very handsome, do I have to tell more? Well, he is also very funny; he likes to play around as much as Yoseop and we definitely like to see him shirtless! Amazing, talented, with a lot of charisma! Ok, we are repeating basically the same, but that’s all he is and we like him that way! The youngest one and the last member, Dongwoon gives the little plus to the band with his pretty face and his manners that is a bit precious , he is giving a sweet side to B2ST. He can talk a lot as well but the others are always teasing him because he is the youngest. He is also very charismatic and talented. He seems to be very determined and passionate. To resume this, they are all amazing, talented and charismatic, do you still wonder why they are so successful?

Now, we’re going to talk about music, of course, this is still the most important! Once again, you have releases in Korea and In Japan. Fortunately, here, you don’t have too much Japan releases, that should be a bit easier to explain. They released their first EP “Beast is the best” in October 2009, with the famous single Bad girl” and the other famous song “Mystery” that we all like of course. Directly from the beginning they are showing a real talent and a lot of promise. In March 2010, they release their second EP “Shock of the new era”. Who doesn’t know the song Shock which is from this EP? If you say B2ST, you definitely automatically think “Shock”. All the songs on this album are once again beautiful and we cannot really stop listening to them, the addiction is already there and they are only starting. Especially when you hear the wonderful song “Take Care of My Girlfriend (say no)”. Then, from September to December 2010, they were really active. Releasing 3 EP’s in four months is a lot of work! Still they did it, even though it must have been tiring. The first EP was “Mastermind” with the famous song “Breath”. Then you had “Light go on again” with the song “Beautiful”, for this mini single, they made a pretty amazing music video with a whole story and a really good script. The last EP from 2010 was “My story”, where they actually made duet songs, that’s how you have fantastic duets of Gikwang and HyunseungYoseob and Jun Hyung, and also Dujun and Dongwoon. This is something original and anyway it’s also nice to hear. In May 2011, they released a full length album “Fact and fiction” and what a treasure to have as all songs are so beautiful. Fiction is of course the well known single of this album, it’s a bit slower than usual but we also like B2ST in mid tempo songs, don’t we? Same year in August, they made their first real Japanese release with the full album “So beast”. They finally took some time to release their last mini album which was released in July 2012. It’s great that they finally could take some time in between two releases, even though they had to do a world tour. Midnight sun is wonderful, like we would have expected from them. If you want, you can read the review of this album by clicking on the link below. As you can see, Beast worked very hard to get their success, they did a really good job. But we have to say, we hope that they will be able to relax a bit somehow because having so many releases one after another, it’s just crazy. And after all, they are only human so they also need to rest. Anyway, thumbs up to B2ST, you deserve everything you have and much more!

On stage, they have a lot of energy and share a lot with their fans. We can see that they are enjoying it and are not afraid to do what they want to do on stage. They have fun and it’s the most important! In interviews, they are always very funny, between Dujun who is always talking, Yoseop who is doing stupid things and Hyunseung who is always in Lala land to suddenly coming back to earth and say something completely hilarious, we can tell you can have a lot of fun watching them making interviews or shows. So yes, B2ST is the best and we won’t deny that!

Now if you love Pop music, you will definitely love B2ST, we can only advise you to listen to their music, you will probably become addicted to them, be sure about that! We hope to see them again in Europe soon! But they can take a bit of time off, we can wait.


2014 was a busy year for BEAST. The group released their sixth mini album “Good Luck”  on June 16th, for which they have promoted the title track “Good Luck“. In October of the same year, they released another mini-album titled “Time” for which they promoted the single “12:30“.

Beauties, BEAST’s official fans, had to wait till July 2015 for another release. On July 27th they released the eight mini-album “Ordinary” and promoted the singles “Gotta Go To Work” and “YEY“.

“Ordinary” has been the last released that BEAST promoted as a six-members group. On April 19th 2016, Cube Entertainment announced the departure of Hyunseung from the group in order to pursue a solo career.

To kick off their five-members activities, BEAST released their third full-lenght album, “Highlight”, on July 14h 2016. From the album, composed of 12 tracks, they have promoted “Ribbon”.


After Hyunseung’s departure, BEAST promoted as 5 and released their 3rd full album “Highlight” on June 21st 2016, for which they promoted the tracks “Butterfly” and “Ribbon”. This was the last album Junhyung, Dongwoo, Dowoon and Kikwang released under Cube Entertainment as in December 2016, the group announced the establishment of their own label “AroundUs Entertainment” and the departure from Cube. Under their new lable, managed by them, the boys decided to promote under the name of HIGHLIGHT and so far released the mini album “Can you feel it?” and the repackaged album “Calling You” in 2017.

The name change was forced upone the remaining members as Cube Entertainment owns the trade mark rights for “Beast” and thus the group couldn’t promote as such under another label.

Text by Vivi C.

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