Beat Win is a five-member Kpop group who made their debut on 6th of January 2014 with the single “Exclusive”. Beat Win consists of members Sun Hyeok, Young Jo, Jungha, Yoon Hoo and Seong Ho.

Beat Win’s leader is Sun Hyeok. A ’90 liner, Sun Hyeok stands 6ft (183cm) tall and definitely looks the part of a strong leader! As well as being the leader, Sun Hyeok is also a vocalist with many talents such as Taekwondo. He also enjoys other sports such as basketball and soccer.


Young Jo is the next member. He was born in 1991 and he is a dancer, vocalist, and he can even rap! Young Jo is also a force to be reckoned with in the Kpop industry as he is a gymnast and an acrobat – he certainly stands out among the crowd!

Jungha is the rapper of Beat Win. Born in 1993, Jungha is an avid shopper and also enjoys watching movies. He is a guy that definitely knows his way around rap lines!


The second-youngest member of Beat win is Yoon Hoo. Yoon Hoo was born in 1995 and his position in Beat win is a vocalist. Along with his impressive vocals, Yoon Hoo is also a composer and a pianist. He also often writes lyrics.

The youngest member (or maknae) of the group is Sungho. He is a ’96 liner and although he may seem young, Sungho is a strong vocalist of Beat Win! Sungho enjoys playing games and also has a flair for snowboarding and acting.


To date, Beat Win have released one mini-album titles “Insatiable”, three digital singles including “Exclusive”, “I, No” and “Illusion”, and one OST for ‘Only Love’. Having made their debut in 2014, Beat Win has still many years to nurture their numerous talents and to hone their skills as rookies in the Kpop industry! They are definitely a group to look forward to in the future!


In 2016, the group released their second mini-album “Come To Me” from which they have promoted the single “Your Girl”.

Text by Isabelle.


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