Are you ready for a new Big Bang? You better be because when you will listen to the Korean band BIGBANG you will definitely have to survive to the explosion they will create in your ears and your heart. They are really talented and they are making such beautiful songs, catchy or soft, it doesn’t matter, they can give you the chills with all their songs. They have been formed in 2006. Very quickly the success came to them in Korea and then in Asia. Because of their originality and their talent, they have been able to get the heart of a lot of people. The mix of those 5 members is also admirable; all their voices match to make a very beautiful harmony in all the songs. After a while, of course, they started with solo careers as well, and try different activities, but G-Dragon, TOP, Daesung, Taeyang and Seungri are still devoted to BIGBANG. After a little break, they have finally made their come back with a first mini album Tonight and in 2012, with Alive. Lately, they are really starting to get known worldwide. After winning the Best worldwide act at the MTV EMA’s of 2011, the world could only notice this talented band. And we are delighted to know they are going to do their first world tour, we can only say they deserve it! And we definitely want to be there to enjoy a show of BIGBANG, who wants to join?

Now we are going to make a little presentation of the members. Let’s start with the two most charismatic ones of the band, G-Dragon and TOP, the rappers. G-Dragon has this really special voice that you don’t hear very often and he can use it very well. He can simply sing or rap, he just can do everything. This guy is just way too talented, a bit crazy and with a lot of charm. He is now mostly producing their albums himself. He is also writing a lot of songs on the albums and he can speak English really well. He is really direct when he talks, don’t expect him to talk for hours, he goes directly to the point and we love that. As for TOP, he has a really amazing voice, the kind of low voice which astonishes you. He is a very good rapper. And he is a bit impressive with a gangster kind of look. But in fact, he can be really funny. He is also writing some lyrics with G-Dragon. We are not going to complain about it since the lyrics of their songs are always wonderful. Taeyang, it’s a nice voice and a nice look. He is a bit conservative with his look. We would describe it more like an American style. He can give a lot of emotions to the songs with his sweet voice. It’s a pleasure to listen to him but also to look at him, especially when he is dancing because this guy has some really good moves. Daesung has a powerful voice which gives you the chills every time he sings. He also has a nice body which is very nice for the pleasure of the ladies! He is attaching a lot of importance to his looks but we are not going to complain since it’s very nice to see! Anyway, the way he can play with his voice is really amazing and we like that. Seungri who is the youngest doesn’t change his look that much either. He has a less powerful voice, but still very nice and sweet. He is also able to rap a bit and he is dancing very well. I need to say that he is always doing the softest parts of the songs, but he is doing it perfectly. He is also really charming; he has a way to look at the camera with his very beautiful eyes which makes all the women melt. We really like all of them; they are making a perfect match. That’s why BIGBANG is such an interesting band; they are worth it in many ways.

Musically, with Koreans, it’s sometimes complicated to follow, and when they are starting to do special releases for Japan, it’s even more complicated. But we will try to be as clear as possible. Their first studio album is „BIGBANG vol 1.“ or also called „Since 2007“, with one of their first songs and video clip La la la which is really catchy and more hip hop. It’s really funny to watch the video clip of this song, you can see them very young and you also notice that they have had a very big evolution. But you also know why they have become so huge; the talent is definitely already there. In 2007, they released a mini album „Always“ where you can find the single „Lies“. It’s the song which gave them their success. Indeed, it stayed number one for 7 weeks  in the Korean charts. After that, they have been very active, still in 2007, they released another mini album „Hot issue“. Then in 2008, they released another EP „Stand up“, a studio album „Remember“ and also, another studio album, only for Japan, „Number 1“. In the Korean release, you can find the well known song „Last farewell“ and a remix of „Lies“. In the Japanese album, you can find the beautiful song „Haru Haru“ which is a ballad but very sad. You can also see the actor’s talent of G-Dragon and TOP in the video clip. In 2009, they released another Japanese album „BIGBANG“ and then they started to get more into their solo careers. They made a few individual releases, we are not going to talk about those here, but we definitely advise you to check those as well. It’s in 2011 that they had a big come back, in Korea, they released a mini album Tonight, you can also find a special edition with more songs. This album has three successful songs, „Somebody to love“, “Tonight” and „hands up“. They also made a new Japanese album „BIGBANG 2“, with also two successful songs Beautiful hangover and „Tell me goodbye“. Those 5 songs are really beautiful. They’ve grown up in their music and their style has been improved, they are more themselves and we like it. Finally in 2012, they offered us a very great new album, for Korea, it’s called Still alive. For Japan, it’s called „Alive“ and has a bit more songs. Still, they came with very beautiful songs. Three are especially known „Fantastic baby“, „Blue“ and „Bad boy“. This album is just one of a kind; you can read the review of this album on the next page. But we really advise you to listen to it because we are sure that you can only like it, and if not, you couldn’t deny their talent! Now everybody put your hands up in the air big-bang and welcome BIGBANG for a new Big Bang on this earth!

We are just going to add one more thing! Live, they are great. They know how to do a show and go wild, sharing a lot with the public. You have nice dances and they are energetic. Always wearing nice and original clothes. They are colourful as much with their clothes as with their songs. They have a huge success in Asia and can fill very big venues. It’s always impressive to see the numbers of persons attending their concert. In interviews, they are very funny. They like to tease each other. Anyway, you can count on G-Dragon and TOP to entertain everybody. They are the ones who talk the most and always have something funny to say, even if their humour is totally different. Daesung is also very funny because of his manners, yes, he is a bit precious! They are able to charm their audience pretty easily. You cannot help but getting attached to them, first of all for their music, but also for their charm and presence. This is the kind of band we like because they have the whole package, talent, charisma and cuteness without forgetting the moves. This is the reason why we fell in love with BIGBANG and we hope you will as well! For sure, we are going to try to help them a bit more to get a huge success worldwide because we totally believe in their talent. So don’t stay ignorant ant listen to them! We can guarantee you will hear them more and more, so get use to it! We will spread the world with BIGBANG!


2016 has been a very busy year for BIGBANG. It was their 10th anniversary and also the last year the group would have been able to promote as five as the older members had to soon start their military service. Starting from early 2016, BIGBANG released the “MADE Serie”, one single album each month for four consecutive months. “M” included the singles “Loser” and “Bae Bae”; “A” included the singles “We Like 2 Party” and “Bang Bang Bang”; “D” inclued “If You” and “Sober”; and lastly, “E” included “Zutter” (by GD&TOP) and “Let’s Not Fall In Love”. The group then released the album “Made” in December 2016: it included all the previous singles plus three new songs “Fxxx it”, “Last Dance” and “Girlfriend”.

This was their last release as a group. Soon after member T.O.P enlisted for his mandatory service while the other members focused on their solo careers. G-Dragon released his much awaited solo comeback album in June 2017. The album, titled “Kwon Jiyong” includes five songs. The original title track for the EP was supposed to be “Bullshit” but due to T.O.P’s marijuana scandal, the singer decided to switch it to the slow ballad “Untitled, 2014”. He also embarked in a solo world tour that is still going on while we write (October 2017).

Following G-Dragon, Taeyang also announced and released his much awaited comeback studio album “White Night” for which he promoted the songs “Wake Me Up” and “Darling”. As G-Dragon, he also embarked on a solo World Tour.

Members Seungri and Daesung also kept busy with solo activities. Seungri focused on his business (he owns lots of ramen restaurants in Japan and South Korea and owns the club Monkey Museum) and also on his label Natural High Record, for DJs. Fans are eagerly waiting for a solo release but so far nothing has been announced about it.

Daesung has been very active in Japan in which he embarked in a solo dome tour and also released the mini album “D-Day” (April 2017) which reached n1 on Oricon Album Chart.

Text by Virginia Clinberghe

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