BIGFLO is quite  a new name in the K-Pop music world and therefore there are a lot of people who actually do not know this interesting group, who is surely worth of some attention.

Created as a hip-hop group under HO- Entertainment, BIGFLO debuted in June 2014 with “Delilah”, lead track taken from the first single album “First Flow”.

Even prior to their debut, it was possible to know this group thanks to their official YouTube channel. Starting from February 2014, BIGFLO TV was aired with a total of 17, hilarious episodes. So if you want to have a closer look to the members, you definitely have to watch it.

One of the things that catches the viewer’s attention is BIGFLO‘s logo: simple, classy and not easy to forget.

BIGFLO is a 5 members group. The leader is Jungkyun and maybe you can recognize his face. In fact, prior to this debut with this group, he was a member of Tacyon and N-TRAIN. Both are now disbanded idol groups. He’s the oldest in the group (with a huge age gap with the other members as he was born in 1987) and was appointed as the leader as well as the main singer. He also composes most of BIGFLO‘s songs. His being grown up and already experienced in the K-Pop world are surely a plus point for the group, as he’s able to lead BIGFLO in a mature and capable way.

Ron, born in 1991, is responsible for the low-vocals as well as for some rapping. He’s the tallest of the group and it’s said he’s a former model. Therefore he’s also appointed as the face of the group. The other BIGFLO  members say he has a bold and weird personality, but what caught my attention is his warm smile and that cool hand moves in Delila‘s MV.

Z-UK is the rapper and dancing machine of the group (check out his dance cover of Taeyang’s Wedding Dress). Together with Ron, he lost around 10 kg to debut with BIGFLO. He’s a lively guy as well as the “trouble maker” of the group, for example he unintentionally broke Hightop‘s cellphone in some unique way.


Hightop is the maknae of the group as well as the main rapper. Together with Z-UK, he released 느낌 절대 , an amazing song you should listen to. He’s active in writing the lyrics of BIGFLO‘s songs. Due to his voice, he’s often compared to Big Bang’s T.O.P, Block B’s P.O or VIXX’s Ravi and with Block B’s Zico for his way of behaving. He’s a bright, charismatic and talented guy, who transforms every possible phrase in some cool rap lines. Due to his easy way of appearing in front of the camera, always laughing and kidding but also showing his serious and professionalism, he’s probably the most appealing guy of the whole group for the fans. Recently, he had his acting debut in “Boarding House No.24” as Ri Bang In, a hilarious North Korean defector obsessed with a girl group.

Yuseong is the last vocalist featured in BIGFLO. First of all, you need to know that Yuseong would not be Yuseong without his hamsters. Doori, Tori and Dori are part of his family (for the joy of the other members) and live in their practice room even if Hightop is terrified by them. He spend some of his youth in China, therefore he’s familiar with Chinese writing and language.

They’ve been compared to Block B, Topp Dogg, B.A.P and even Big Bang. They’ve been belittled to be just simple copies from artists that already exist. Forget all of it, stop making comparisons and just see them as a new rookie group, full of potential who works hard to achieve their dreams and spread the name BIGFLO in the highly competitive world of K-Pop. Check them out and send them some some support form Europe!


Moed88 – December 2014

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