Block B was formed in 2011, they started well because they had very good songs and of course they are talented. Even though their free minds were criticized a lot, they still got some success in Korea but also overseas. Unfortunately, they did a little mistake in their behavior in an interview in Thailand, and this has been taken wrongly by a lot of people. Well, we can say everyone has to make their mistakes and learn from it. We think they did learn that their behaviour was not really acceptable and they apologized sincerely about it. It was certainly a big deal but giving them another chance to make it right is the best we can do. Because they are worth it, they are so talented and make such beautiful songs. They are original and have a spirit that we especially like by Japako Music. So we decided to support them. They are already known in Europe and we think they can really have a great success here. That’s why we want to help them and hopefully, you will fall in love with their music like we did.

Let’s present the members now, first you have the leader Zico, a very stubborn man, but very handsome. He has quite the attitude but at the same time, we think he is more sensitive than what he is really showing. He can be very funny and he has a really nice smile. He is very charismatic and he is so talented, that we cannot help but like him. Then, we have Jaehyo, he is really cute and has a very nice voice. When you look at him, you won’t think at all that in fact he is a bit arrogant and that he likes to flirt. But well, it’s giving him all his charm and once he opens his mouth, to sing or to talk, all the girls would probably follow him everywhere. P.O. has a very strong voice which is really original, and he can rap very well. He is quite funny, totally doing random things, you can be sure you won’t get bored with him. B-bomb is really handsome too, a bit quieter as it seems but with a lot of talents, he can sing very well and his dancing skills are really awesome. It’s a pleasure to watch him, we cannot deny it! Taeil the main vocalist is also a bit quieter, he is a bit weird as well, but it’s giving a bit of charms. His talent is definitely in his voice, he can sing very well and play with his voice nicely. U-Kwon, the sexy man is also talented, he has a really nice voice and his moves are always very sexy. He has a very beautiful smile and he can be so funny. He has a great attitude and we can only like him, don’t we? And last but not least Kyung, the playboy, he seems to like women a lot, but at least, he is not hiding it, which is something we appreciate a lot. He is cute and has a little ego as well. He doesn’t seem always very awake though that’s why it’s also funny to watch his reaction sometimes. What we especially like about them is that they stay themselves and don’t act in a certain way because they have to, they are natural.

For their debut, their first released a mini album called „New kids on the block“ where you can find the songs „freeze“ and „Tell them“. It’s already a really good album with really nice songs where we can see all their potentials. After that they released beginning 2012 another mini album „Welcome to the block“ with the famous song „Nalina“. And then they took 8 months of break, before coming back with a full length album „Blockbuster“, they really did an amazing job with this album and the song „Nillili mambo“ is having a lot of success. They took in maturity and we can hear it in their songs. You can check the album review I made by clicking on the link under this presentation.


On stage, they have a lot of presence, their dances are always fitting the songs, a bit crazy. But after all, that’s the spirit of Block B, a bit of craziness and a lot of talent. In the interviews they made recently, they were still being themselves but they certainly learned about their mistake and took it more seriously even though they stay cool and funny. It’s always a pleasure to see them live or in an interview, so don’t hesitate to check them out. We are really looking forward to hear more about Block B and see what they can show us next. Anyway, Japako Music will support them for sure and we hope we can bring them in Europe one day. For this, don’t forget to give them your love and support, they really deserve it!


In autumn 2013, BlockB came back after a very long hiatus. In September, BlockB released the meaningful song “Be The Light” for their fans and soon followed with the group’s powerful new mini-album “Very Good” under the new label Seven Seasons. “Very Good” the title track that they promoted, reached the n1 spot on the Korean music chart.

In 2014, they released two singles “Jackpot” and “H.E.R” from their fourth mini-album “H.E.R”. At first, “Jackpot” was supposed to be released as a mini-album but the tragedy of the Seoul Ferry convinced the group to cancel the release and to include he single in their next mini-album.

2015 was a busy year for BlockB. The group went on their first European tour and formally debuted in Japan. In Korea, they also debuted the sub-unit BASTARZ composed by P.O., U-KWON and B-BOMB. On April 13th they released the album “Conduct Zero” and charted almost every singles of the album. The sub-unit was soon followed by some individual releases by Park Kyug (“Ordinary Love“) and Zico (Tough Cookie).

In 2016 the group released another mini-album “Blooming Period” for which they promoted the tracks “A Few Years Later” and “Toy“. Zico also released other solo singles: “Boys & Girls“, “Eureka“, “I’m You, You Are Me” and “It was love” (sang by f(x)’s Luna). Park Kyung collaborated with G-Friend’s member Eunha for the single “Inferiority Complex“.

To underline the group’s growing popularity, in 2016 BlockB also took part at KCON 2016 Paris and Los Angeles!


2017 has been another great year for BlockB. The group consolidated their popularity as a group with the release of the single “Yesterday” in February. Produced by Park Kyung – who also released his first solo mini album “Notebook” in January – the single achieved an all-kill on the major Korean music charts and was soon followed by the group’s second European Tour. In June 2017, Taeil also released a solo track titled “Love Me, Love Me Not” ft. Gugudan‘s Saejong.

Zico too has been very active this year. He co-wrote PSY‘s comeback song “I Luv It” and featured in BIGBANG‘s Taeyang comeback album “White Night“. In July, he also released his latest mini album “Television” for which he promoted the songs “Artists” and “Anti“. Three months later, member P.O. debuted solo with the single “Menz’ Night” featuring singer Chancellor.

The whole group but Zico, also started the project “Block B: Project-1” in Japan. As units or individually, they all released a single with some famous Japanese artists.

Text by Vivi C.

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