Boys Republic are a rookie group that debuted back on the 5th of June 2013 and they are the first male idol group of Universal Music Group Korea.


The 5 member group consists of Won Jun, Da Bin, Sung Jun, Min Su and Su Woong. After more than 2 years as trainees, Boy’s Republic’s debut gained a lot of attention, not only for their songs, but also thanks to their efforts in promoting their music. Even before the official debut, they had many street campaigns, talking and communicating freely with their potential fans, telling us they’re a group you can easily reach out for.


They were also chosen as PR ambassadors for Jeju Air, a very famous Korean low cost air company, that immediately recognized the potential of the guys not only for the Korean fans, but also for the Asian and Global market.


In addition, they had their own reality show called “Rookie King Boys Republic”, showing us again, they want to present themselves in an open and realistic way.

Their debut song was called “Party Rock”, an upbeat but also sweet song with an adorable MV to watch.

These guys have a lot of potential but they’re also well aware that the k-pop market is big and competitive this days. It’s told that their agency CEO opened up 5-year bank saving accounts for the members, well aware they’re going to need some time to take off and that, by doing so, they’re having something to rely on no matter what. This gesture left the members speechless, but it was also an obvious invitation to work harder and with even more determination to succeed as a group. Their efforts were repaid at the Korea Entertainment Arts Awards of this year as they took home the Rookie Award.


OneJunn is the leader of the group and he’s really passionate with music as he’s also the lead singer. He’s the oldest of the members and you can clearly see that the younger members can rely on him. He has a bright, warm smile and it’s known that he loves to compose and arrange music. He really likes homemade food. He was also chosen by other members as the ‘fashion terrorist’ of the group and on more than occasion they wanted to buy him new clothes. He’s a big fan of the female group ‘Girl’s Day‘.


Dabin was a trainee under Cube Entertainment and he’s also a former member of idol group TOUCH. He has a charming way of showing himself and a lot of fans love his pretty face and well build body (he loves to swim). He has a great vocal potential and is surely going to improve a lot with time. He’s addicted to coffee and loves pork dishes.


Minsu is the rapper of the group and he has excellent dancing skills. He loves to compose his own raps and making choreography.

Sungjun is also responsible for the rapping and dancing of the group, focusing especially on street dance. He has a really shiny appearance and a charming smile.


SuWoong is the cute maknae of the group and impresses through his voice, which is really enjoyable to listen to. He is a former trainee of Big Hit Entertainment. He loves to play soccer and to work out to shape his body. Due to his handsome face, he’s often been accused of having plastic surgery, which is something that he has firmly denied more than once.


I like this group a lot not only because of their nice and catchy sounds, but also because of the great environment that surrounds them. They’re funny, confident, outgoing and seem to get along really well as a group. I really hope they’re going to make it big as soon as possible!



Moed88 – April 2014

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