Brown Eyed Girls can now be considered as veterans in the K-Pop scene, and they are one of the girls groups I admire the most.

Also known under the abbreviation B.E.G, JeA, Narsha, Miryo and Gain debuted back in 2006 as a ballad/R&B group. Their style at debut is a long way away from the electro-pop style they’re famous for nowadays, but their powerful singing skills are clear proof of their past music style.

I’m really into this group because I think they’re perfectly balanced and that’s why they have made it so far in the K-Pop scene. Their exclusive way of appearing as a group, and their sexiness mixed up with amazing vocals, makes them really special. All the members have their own strong points and I don’t think that there is a ‘useless’ member in the group.

JeA, the leader, was involved with the creation of the group and actively participated in the selection of the members. She’s a charismatic leader with a great voice. Even before debuting with B.E.G, she was an active singer and released various OST songs. She’s also a producer and composer and has not only on the majority of Brown Eyed Girls songs, but also with other singers like Ailee and B1A4. She was the last member of B.E.G to go solo in January 2013 with “Just JeA”.

The first to be chosen to join JeA, was Miryo. Her stage name goes back to an old childhood nickname she had, ‘Jomiryo’, which is a Korean seasoning. She started her music career in 1999 through the group “Honey Family”.Therefore, she was already famous as talented rapper before her debut in B.E.G. She’s also a songwriter and is actually the female idol that owns the most song copyrights, at over 50 songs so far. She had her solo debut in February 2012 with “MIRYO aka JOHONEY”, an album full of great collaborations with many top stars including Leessang’s Gary, Sunny of Girl’s Generation, Rude Paper and Narsha.

Narsha was a high school friend of JeA‘s, and was selected because JeA remembered her great vocal skills back from their school days. She became pretty famous in 2009, as she started participating in entertainment shows like ‘Invincible Youth’ and ‘Heroes’. She also became a DJ for the radio show “Pump Up The Volume” but had to leave at the end of 2010 due to the B.E.G activities as a group. She made her acting debut in the drama Light and Shadow’ playing the role of Hye Bin and she provided the voice for ‘The White Wolf’ in the 2012 Christmas movieNiko: Santa Air Wing’s Adventure’. She made her solo debut in 2010 with “I’m In Love”

Gain was chosen after her elimination from the show “Battle Shinhwa”, as composer Ahn Jung Hoon found her crying in the bathroom and invited her to have an audition at B.E.G‘s agency. Since then, she has became pretty famous, not only as member of Brown Eyed Girls, but also as sexy soloist and entertainer, with LOEN Entertainment managing her solo activities. In 2009, she appeared together with 2AM‘s Jo Kwon on “We Got Married” for 15 months. The two also released a song together called “We Fell In Love”. She had her solo debut in 2010 with “Step 2/4” and has recently released her 3rd mini-album “Truth Or Dare”.

Gain has had numerous collaborations with famous singers like IU, Bumkey, Eric (Shinhwa), Kim Yong Jun (SG Wannabe) and was also in a Samsung project group with Hyuna(4 Minute), UEE (After School) and Seungyeon (KARA) called 4Tomorrow.

After more than 3 years as trainees and some smaller concerts under the name “Crescendo”, the group debuted as Brown Eyed Girls in 2006 with “Come Clear”, a heartwarming ballad. The group decided to have a faceless debut, not appearing in the MV and in other media. The album was not as successful as expected, but gained some merit later as the repackaged version had “Hold The Line” added to the tracklist. This song became a worldwide hit, sampling the Sugababe’s “Push The Bottom” and Daft Punk’s “Technologic”. Moreover, the song is part of the videogame “Pump It Up”.

In 2008 the mini-album “With Love” was released and the lead track “L.O.V.E” marks the departure from their old music style, introducing us to the electro-pop B.E.G and the result was a number one position in the various music top ten hit-lists.

The transition completes in 2009 through “Abracadabra” and “Sign”. There was also a clear change of image and Brown Eyed Girls appeared as more mature and sexy. The controversial and provocative MV of “Abracadabra” became a fairly big issue, but in the end, it became a national-wide hit. After Psy borrowed the “Abracadabra” hip-dance and Gain for his “Gentleman” music video, the song became a worldwide hit, contributing to a boost to B.E.G‘s fame.

In 2010, the group signed a contract with Sony Music Japan International, marking their debut in the Japanese market.

After all the success both in Korea and Japan, the members took some time off to focus on their solo debuts and activities. They also started to take part in more TV variety shows and they even had acting debuts.

Their most recent work is “Black Box”, which was released in 2013 with the lead track “Kill Bill”.

This is an admirable, talented group who proved to us all that they are a versatile group, who are not afraid of trying out new styles, risking ‘dangerous’ concepts and despite this, always being themselves. Let’s hope to hear more of Brown Eyed Girls soon!


In 2015 the girls decided to not renew their contract with Nega Network to then join the label Mystic Entertainment. In November of that year, Brown Eyed Girls also release a new album titled “Basic” from which they promoted the tracks “Warm Hole” and “Brave New World“.

2016 marks the group’s 10th anniversary making them the first girl group to achieve this goal withouth changes in the line-up ever. Congratulations to BEG!


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