Cross gene is a new boy band under the agency Amuse Korea. The group is composed of six members of different origins. The entertainment company explained the meaning behind the group’s name stating that the group would “cross the superior genes of each country to create one perfect group”!

Their official fan club name is CROSS GENE ☆ PLANET.


Four of the Cross Gene members are Korean:


Shin was born in 1991, his real name is Sin Won Ho. He debuted as an idol with the boy band, on June 14, 2012 as the visual and vocalist of the group. He is known as the “Fresh Gene.” He’s also the most active in the world of mannequins and he played in the drama “Big” in 2012. Shin has been in many CFs, including one for Bean Pole along side of G-dragon. During the 7th Asia Awards 2012, he received the award for the Best Male mannequin advertising!


Se Young is the lead singer. He was born in 1990 and his real name is Lee Se Yeong. He’s called Miracle Gene. Following the departure of JG, an ex Chinese member who left Cross Gene to start a career as a solo artist in 2013, he replaced him as the main singer. He has a particular talent for music composition and he also has an original voice.

Sang Min was born in 1992. He’s a singer, a rapper and a good dancer. Sang Min is the Organic Gene of the group. He also made an appearance in a musical comedy named “Carpe Diem” in 2011.


Yong Seok was born in 1993 and he’s the lead singer and in the same time the youngest of Cross Gene. His real name’s Kim Yong Seok. He is the Mypace Gene of the group.


The Gorgeous Gene, Takuya, is the Japanese member. He was born in 1992 and his real name is Terada Takuya. Takuya is the leader. He’s a singer, an actor, and a model. He first played in the drama “Sign” in 2011, and then in a film “Run60” in 2012 with Shin Won Ho.


The Chinese member Casper is the Wild Chic Gene. He was born in 1991, his real name’s Chu Xiao Xiang and he is the awesome rapper of the boy band.


It is June 7, 2012 that the group made its premiere with its first music video “La-Di Da-Di”. Then, their first mini album “Timeless : Begins”, with 6 tracks, was released on June 8th 2012 in Korea. For Japan, the album name was “Timeless : Future” with 6 tracks and an exclusive track titled “New Days”. In the same year they also released a single named “Sky High”, other singles like “Crazy”, “Dirty Pop”, ”Shooting Star”… followed in 2013.


Cross Gene also participated in a TV show “Cross Battle” which finished after 8 episodes.


We can say that this group is amazing. If you just listen to them one time, you will definitely want to listen again and again! We believe we are going to say a lot of good things about them. A mix of origins to sing K-Pop and J-Pop song is incredible! Their music deserves more listeners. So if you haven’t listened to them yet, go listen to their super mini album without waiting because we will support them until the end!


Elif U. – July 2014


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