Dabit is a Korean-American singer and songwriter. His English name is David Kim and his Korean name is Kim Chung Ook. Born on 5th December 1989 in Ohio, USA, he grew up with an interest in music and even studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music before moving to Korea in order to purse his passion as a musician.

He was originally a trainee at Choeun Entertainment and was going to join idol boy group 24K before deciding that the style of music the group was due to produce was not true to his artistic image. After that, he quit and joined his current company, KoffeeDream Entertainment where he could pursue his career as a singer-songwriter.

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Dabit’s debut as a solo artist was on 5th December 2013 – the same day as his birthday- with his debut song Whoo Whoo Whoo and When the wind blows; both songs were written and composed by Dabit himself.  Dabit’s fans are called Dalbit, which means Moonlight. Since his 2013 debut, Dabit has released two more singles, Zone Out in 2014 and UP+DOWN in 2015. Dabit’s style of music is a mix between kpop and some jazz/swing influences.

Aside from his career as a singer-songwriter, Dabit has also been co-hosting Arirang Radio’s “Hot Beat” and “Pray 4 U” segment with Kevin from ZE: A, since 2014.

Dabit also has an interest in acting and has already had cameo appearances in two dramas; SBS’s Endless Love and MBC’s My Unfortunate Boyfriend. Hopefully, we can see Dabit work his way up to bigger acting roles soon as he pursues his acting skills.

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Dabit can be considered an international artist; he has a very large fan base, his first fan meeting was held in Apgujeong, Seoul (2013) where Korean as well as foreign fans gathered. In 2014, Dabit became the first Kpop artist to hold a fan meeting in Tunisia, the tickets for which sold out in less than six hours, quite an accomplishment. In 2015, Dabit also held an European tour where he met his fans in Ireland, France and Germany. Most recently, in April 2016, Dabit had a fan meeting in India with former EVOL member Hayana.

Dabit is an incredibly versatile and talented artist who we look forward to seeing more from him in the future!

UPDATE (by Martina)

On January 20th 2017, Dabit announced a change of label and kicked off his collaboration with STL Entertainmnet. KoffeeDream will still manage Dabit’s international schedule but STL will focus more on the artist career in South Korea!

Written by Lauren, June 2016

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