Formed in 2008, Davichi are an acoustic duo that does two things: ballads and captivating vocals, and boy do they do them well. Haeri and Minkyung are modest but talented musicians’ whose success is commendable as they never use the brash, over-the-top styles of their contemporaries, but rather, focuses on a subtle musical skill, deservedly garnering them a mass following.

They first made their break with the single, ‘I Love You Even Though I Hate You’ in 2008. This would quickly bring them a sizeable audience with the release of their debut album ‘Amaranth’ in February of the same year. However, this was just the tip of their success, as they proceeded to dominate the rookie awards, by scooping up of the ‘Best New Artist’ title at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, Golden Disk Awards and Seoul Music Awards.

The following year, they released their mini album ‘Davichi in Wonderland’, before capitalising upon this chart success with ‘Innocence’ in 2010, which included their collaboration with Eunjung from T-ara on the track ‘Time, Please Stop’.

After a quiet 2012, 2013 saw their return with ‘Mystic Ballad’, while their single ‘Turtle’ peaked at number one in the Gaon Charts. Yet, this was not the end to their victory, because, in April their single ‘Be Warned’ featuring Verbal Jint went one up on ‘Turtle’ by achieving a chart all kill.

After a series of single releases and a foray into television soundtracks during 2014, along with one mini-album entitled ‘6,7’, the group switched record labels and re-emerged in January of 2015 with ‘Davichi Hug’, which peaked at number 5 in the Gaon album charts.

While their sound is quite niche and stripped down the basics, still this in no way hinders the phenomenon of Davichi, as they continue to prove that ballads remain an immensely popular style of music, in the face of a dance heavy era in pop. They have truly reaped rich rewards without compromising in the slightest and for this, are worthy of receiving your attention.



Michael Lanigan – February 2015