F.T. Island means Five Treasure Island. And guess what ? They are five talented boys and need to stay five ! So, when Oh Won Bin (guitar) left beginning of 2009 to become a solo artist, Song Seung Hyun (guitar) joined Choi Jong Hoon (guitar + leader), Lee Hong Ki (lead vocals), Lee Jae Jin (bass) and Choi Min Hwan (drums + Maknae) in this K-rock band.

Their debut in 2007 is what we call a big success. Indeed, the album Cheerful Sensibility (June 7) was the sixth best-selling album of that year and its first song Heartbreak topped the K-Pop charts for eight consecutive weeks.
Strong of this very good start in South Korea, the band makes its Japanese debut in 2008 (June 7) with the album Prologue of F.T. Island.
They returned to their country to release their second Korean album Colorful Sensibility on August 27 and the follow-up Colorful Sensibility Part 2 was released on October 17.
2009 is the year of big changes as on January 28, Oh Won Bin is leaving the group and Song Seung Hyun joins as the new guitarist.
This new version of FT Island will face another big change in their career : the stage – followed by another stage, which is followed by tons of concerts. Yes, they are a live K-Rock band and they will play their music everywhere in Asia.
But for that, they need more songs… and while preparing for the overseas live promotions (during the summer), the members record their third album Cross & Change where they try out a variety of music styles, ranging from moving ballads to addictive songs with a bright melody. F.T. Island also adopts a new fashion style and concept, using a “Bokgo” approach, which is inspired from the “jeans jeans look” of the korean 80’s.
On November 14, the national tour Men’s Stories begins in Seoul. F.T. Island emphasized their growth as a band as they begin to shed their boyish charms for a more mature and masculine appeal.
In January and February 2010, the boys start touring in Asia, visiting Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore. Tickets are sold out quickly due to the popularity of Lee Hong Ki starring in the drama You’re Beautiful.
With this experience, during the months of November and December, F.T. Island is able to balance two separate concerts, The Beautiful Journey and So Today…, in both Korea and Japan.
Even with all this heavy scheduled year, the band find also the time to go in China… and, due to their immense popularity in Taiwan, the boys hold a concert on December 25, celebrating Christmas together with 9000 fans. With this event, F.T. Island became the first K-Rock band to hold a big scale concert in Taiwan.
After this « busy as a bee » year, on May 18, 2011 – F.T. Island released their first major debut album in Japan, entitled Five Treasure Island. With this album, they set a record by being the first Korean band to top the Oricon album daily chart at 1st position as they sold 20,410 copies on the first day.

What can be bigger for this band are you asking ? Year 2012 is the answer.

On March 9, F.T. Island and their fellow label-mates CNBlue perform in America for the first time at the Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater.
The same year, the boys released the second major Japanese album 20 (Twenty)on May 16 – and – their fourth Korean studio album Five Treasure Box with its single I Wish on September 10.
In the current 2013 year, the band continued their Take FTIsland tour which started the year before in Seoul, to wrap it up at the Asia World Expo Hong Kong on August 17th.
The group released their Japanese album Rated-FT in June 2013, with compositions from band members including Time To,Hold My Hand,Black Chocolate and Orange Sky.
Finally, after one year, FT Island’s members return to Korea to make their official comeback with their fifth mini album The Mood on November 18th.Self composed songs include Can’t Have You by Choi Jong Hoon, The Way Into You by Lee Jae Jin and Siren by Lee Hong Ki.
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