Fiestar is a 5 member girl group signed under LOEN Entertainment sub-label Collaboladi.

Fiestar has 4 Korean members (Jei, Linzy, Hyemi and Yezi) and one Chinese member (Cao Lu). At debut in 2012 with “Vista” until early 2014, they also had a sixth member, Cheska, who left the group and was never replaced. The group name derives from the word “fiesta”, which means party – and that’s what’s the group wants to transmit: happy music which fills up the listener with happy feelings and charges up your batteries when you’re n low.

Prior to their official debut, Fiestar teamed up with labermate IU for a collaboration track called “Sea Of The Moonlight”, which was a huge succcess and ranked high in the Korean charts and surely a good way to promote the upcoming group.

Despite their relatively short activity in the k-pop world, Fiestar already participated to various shows group-and solo activities. They created their own educational program called  “Fiestar’s A-HA! For the Global K-Pop Fan”, which was designated  for international viewers who wants to learn the Korean Language; They also had their own TV-reality show called “Channel FIESTAR!” airing on SBS MTV. Moreover, they participated in various CF (like for Samsung).

In 2014, they had some huge controversy due to the lyrics of their song “One More”. Following a banning by MBC because of the lyrics containing allusions of a threesome, the song was heavily criticised by the netizens. This led to a re-recording of the song with completely new lyrics to avoid further complications. Their first mini-album was released on the 4th of March 2015 with beautiful lead track “You’re Pitiful”.

One of the most interesting things of this groups are surely the members itself. Jei is the leader of the group and was born in 1989. She has a stong personality and strikes with her charming beauty. Before her debut with Fiestar, she was a model for online clothes stores and appeared in Infinite’s MV for “Paradise” as well as in  Mongshil Sisters’ “My Love”. She can also be seen as backup dancer in IU‘s MV for “You & I” and  Sunny Hill’s “Midnight Circus” together with the other members.

She was part of “Romantic & Idol season 1” together  with 4minute’s Jihyun, AOA’s Hyejeong, Rainbow’s Seungah, MBLAQ’s Mir, GOT7’s JB, 2PM’s Jun.K and ZE:A’s Hyungsik. She had also a small role in the drama “Pretty Man/Bel Ami”. Moreover, she appered in the individual teaser of their label mates History, which had the team “Romantic Dating Tips”. Her role models are Shinhwa and Lee Hyori, and GD from Big Bang and Yoo Ah In are her ideal types. She also owns a lovely dog called “Boksoon”.

Cao Lu, vocalist born in 1987, is the Chinese member of the group. Before their debut with Fiestar, she won a singing contest in Mainland China and even released a solo album called “Cat” under the stage name “LuLu” in 2005.  She is filled with happiness and her positive energy makes people around her really comfortable. Therefore she’s often called “The Mood-maker”.

Linzy is the main vocalist and was born in 1989. She was once a YG trainee and supposed to debut with 2NE1 and afterwards with YG’s new girl group, but the whole project was cancelled before the actual debut. She was also part of the musical “High School Musical”, a huge project where she had the chance to collaborate with  Super Junior’s Ryeowook, F.T. Island’s Jaejin, f(x)’s Luna, AOA’s Choa and musical actress Oh So-yeon.

Hyemi was the first member who joined Fiestar. She is part of LOEN’s first generation trainess, which means she prepared herself for the debut together with IU, SPICA’s Boa and Joohyun as well as former MBLAQ member Thunder. She was a trainee for 6 long years and therefore she is called the “LOEN Fossil”. She is a big fan of Beyonce and her ideal type is K.Will.

The maknae and rapper of the group is Yezi, who was highly praised even before debut in the underground hiphop scene. She recorded a rap feature in one of Gavy NJs tracks and is not only famous because of her energetic rapping but also because of her flawless dancing skills. She works really hard as he admitted to be a true perfectionist on stage.



Moed88 – April 2015

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