f(x) are the 2nd girl group from SM Entertainment, and they debuted back in 2009 as a multi-national group. The group consists of Chinese leader, Victoria, Taiwanese-American rapper, Amber, Korean-American vocalist, Krystal (Also, the younger sister of SNSD’s Jessica, and 2 more Korean vocalists, Sulli and Luna.
The girls are known for their electronic sound and were first introduced as ‘Asia’s Pop Dance Group’ in September 2009 with their debut single ‘LA ChA TA‘. In the same year, they released their first single album ‘Chu~♥‘, followed by ‘NU ABO‘ in 2010, causing them to steadily grow in popularity. After a small hiatus to pursue individual activities, the girls then made a comeback with their 1st full album ‘Pinocchio‘ in April 2011, which gained them their 1st win on a music program. After a repackaged of ‘Hot Summer‘, the group went on hiatus for another year, before coming back strong with ‘Electric Shock‘, which scored number 1 on iTunes in both Canada and the USA.
In March 2013, f(x) became the first KPOP group to perform at SXSW South By Southwest in Austin, Texas. The girls’ second album ‘Pink Tape’ was released shortly after which proved to be a huge success. It was even listed on “The 41 Best Albums of 2013″ list by American music channel, FUSE TV. Most recently, they group came back with a whole new image and style for their 3rd album ‘Red Tape’ in June 2014.

f(x) are a great multitalented group, who speak numerous languages, which makes them quite versatile. The have shown their talents time and time again, and have proved that they are one of the top girl groups around right now.



Sophie – July 2014