G-Friend debuted as a 6-member group: Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji. They’re mainly called in Korea as 여자친구, which means “girlfriend”. Their company is Source Music and their debut is the mini album “Season of Glass“, with the title track “Glass Bead” which was out on January 16, 2015. As soon as G-Friend made their debut they became one of the most anticipated groups of 2015 with their catchy song, cutely energetic dancing, and pretty image.



As soon as G-Friend released their second mini album “Flower Bud” on July 23, thanks to their title track “Me Gustas Tu“, G-Friend became extremely popular and became the girlfriends of many people. While they were promoting this extremely popular song, the girls went through a small incident and its fancam went viral. This incident occurred during a performance on September 5, 2015; in which some members fell several times because of the slippery stage but kept on performing their song. This wasn’t the main reason for their fame, but they gained international attention with their professionalism and garnered the sympathy of many.




G-Friend got so popular in such a short time that while new groups usually don’t get nominated for “Best Korean Act” of MTV Europe Music Awards, G-Friend got nominated for it only nine months after their debut.



On November 11, 2015, G-Friend won “Best New Female Artist” award on the popular award ceremony “MelOn Music Awards”.




G-Friend released their third mini album matching the season “Snowflake” on January 25, 2016, with the title track “Rough“. On the comeback showcase of this song, G-Friend’s company announced their fandom name to be “Buddy“.



On February 2, G-Friend finally got the product of their popularity and had their first win on “The Show”. Then they proceeded to win at the rest of the music shows during the month, dominating the music shows and charts.




Debuting only a bit more than a year ago but still receiving many awards, appearing on many variety shows and getting endorsements, G-Friend is already receiving much love and it seems their fame will only keep rising. They definitely lived up to the expectations of the title of being the most anticipated group of 2015 with their vocals, songs, and choreographies.



Written by Deniz – March 2016

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