Lee Seong-Hwa, or known as GRAY, is a Korean rapper, producer and composer, who is currently part of Jay Park’s AOMG team and member of the VV:D crew. Born in Seoul in 1986, the artist started off as producer, but when the time was right, he finally debuted as performer himself.


He discovered his passion for rapping back in high school and since then, he worked hard to improve and develop his vocal skills. Moreover, he’s not only good in rapping, but he likes to spice up his tracks with some soulful R&B choruses and interesting featuring of well known artists.


Even though his parents were not happy about him entering the entertainment industry, he slowly made it, and nowadays he is one of the most appreciated rappers and producers of Korea.




As for his stage name, he once stated that the colour grey represents him. It’s in between black and white, and it has many shades to offer. Exactly as his way of being as an artist and showing himself to his fans.


Before joining AOMG in 2013, GRAY became part of VV:D (pronounced as VIVID) in 2012. This hip hop crew consists of Zion.T, Elo, Loco, Crush, GRAY and has many interesting artistic highlights to offer.


As soon as it was established, GRAY was the first artist who debuted under label AOMG. His first EP “Call Me Gray” was noticeable proof of his capabilities. With interesting featuring of Crush and Dok2 as well as Jay Park, GRAY successfully introduced himself not only to the fans he already had, but he was also capable to capture the heart of many other people.




He’s been constantly active as featured artist in many other songs, the most remarkable are the collaborations with Jay Park and Simon D (“Metronome”), with Swings, Beenzino and Zion T. (“A Real Lady”), and Crush’s “Whatever You Do”.
As producer, he was active not only in the hip hop world, but also in kpop. His most renewed works are “Without You” for INFINITE H, “Alright” for Shinhwa and Jessi’s “Unpretty Dream”.


There’s not a lot to tell about GRAY as a person, as he is quite reserved and wants to persevere his privacy, but we have to say that his music speaks for himself, showing us one of his best sides ever.


Written by moed88 – April 2016

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