It was the 12th of April 2013 as LOEN Entertainment announced the imminent debut of their first male idol group. Revealed as an alternative group not defined by a specific genre but rather by their passion for music, HISTORY is an unique 5 member boy-band you should keep an eye on.
Their title as ‘alternative group’ does not apply to their music genre, but mainly to the group’s attitude towards music. As the first teaser “Do You Know Us” was released, LOEN managed to draw the attention of many listeners thanks to the appearance of IU. To boost even more the attention, a series of short trailers called “Real Dating Tip Book” were released, in which every member of HISTORY gave his personal dating advices.


Shortly after the debut announcement, the first teaser pictures appeared and the debut song was announced.

Finally, on the 26th of April, HISTORY officially debuted with “Dreamer”, and they’ve proven the statement formerly given. Written by Kim Yi Na and composed by Lee Min Soo, “Dreamer” is surely an original track. The MV shows off with notorious appearances: actress/singer Son Dam Bi and in IU, who takes over of the narration.


Just a few months later, on August 2013, their comeback and first mini-album “JUST NOW” were announced, with the title track Tell Me Love”.
And, as 2013 was not busy enough for them, their second comeback was scheduled for November of the same year. “Blue Spring” is the name of the new mini-album and the title track “What Am I To You”, which shows a completely new side of HISTORY.
Their most recent comeback goes back to June 2014 with the mini-album “Desire”. The lead track “Psycho” undoubtedly one of their best work so far with an interesting MV to watch.

Standing out not only for his handsome appearance, Kyungil is the charismatic leader of the group and his strong point is the rapping. Born in 1987, he’s the oldest of the group and he exemplary takes care of the younger members, as he initially saw them as little kids. He’s a former model and part of the ‘Nuthang’, a group of famous idols, actors, models, stylists and other influential people. Moreover, you can see him in IU’s MV “Beautiful Dancer”.


Dokyun is the main vocalist of the group. Lots of fan get weak because of his stunning, big eyes and cute chubby cheeks. He sang “Because it’s You” for the OST of the drama “”Love Rain”. Once, he was part of the Korean Rock Band Buzz, where he was the main vocalist.

Sihyoung is the rapper of the group. He appeared on comedy TV Variety Show “Ullzan Generation Season 3” and is often mistaken as brother of SHINee’s Taemin.


Jaeho, the bright smiling sub-vocalist and rapper of the group, loves to take care of his body and you clearly see it.
Yijeong is the maknae of the group as well as main vocalist. Definitely handsome, he became the most searched on the web of the group on their debut day. Before debuting with HISTORY, he appeared on MBC’s “Star Audition: The Great Birth Season 2”. He has a featuring in IU’s hit “Friday”.


HISTORY are undobutedly a talented and innovative group who stands out in between of loads of rookie groups and nevertheless, they need more recognition for their hard work. So let’s show them some support!


In May 2017 the label announced the official disband of the group. The members are still under contract with the label but will pursue individual activities from now on.

Moed88 – July 2014

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