Jay Park started as a solo artist in 2010. First, he was the leader of the band 2PM but it didn’t work out that well, so he left the band. He went back to the United States where he comes from before coming back to Korea in 2010 and signed a contract as a solo singer. Fortunately, he did! What would the music industry have been without an artist such as Jay Park? We only have one word to describe him „Genius“. Jay Park can do everything: he sings, he raps, he dances, he produces, he is just that amazing! Of course, before being a singer he is a b-boy, he is even a member of a crew. And we can say, he dances very well. But not only that, his rap is great and he sings very well. Now, he is even more than a solo singer, more than an artist, he is a producer, a choreographer, a songwriter and even a model and an actor. This shows how talented Jay Park is. That’s why Japako Music couldn’t miss talking about him. We are always impressed by his talent and his charisma. We don’t need to say he has potential as everybody already knows it. But we want to promote his talent here in Europe.


Jay Park first released an EP in July 2010 called „Count on me“. In this album, you will find the famous song „Nothing on me“ which was the song he released first on his YouTube account. It was also the song that brought him back to Korea to finally release his first EP as a solo artist. Then, he released a second mini album in April 2011 „Take a deeper look“. This album was released under another record label as in the meantime, he signed with SidusHQ. This mini album directly had a huge success. Jay Park was the first solo singer to reach so much success that fast. In December 2011, he released another EP „New breed part 1“ which was the first part of his upcoming full length album. In February 2012, he released his full length album „New breed“ which was, as expected, a huge success. Before going to his US tour, he also released a mix-tape in English in May 2012 which reached the 100 000 downloads. Showing once again his big success not only in Korea but also around the world. Recently, he released a new song “Joah for which you can check the music video review after this presentation. We are now waiting for the release of his new upcoming album which should be announced soon!


Jay Park didn’t come to Europe yet but we have heard he might come this year. We really hope we will be able to see him here and that you guys will be there too! In the meantime, if you don’t know him yet, we clearly advise you to listen to his music which is always produced by himself of course. And to check out his music videos to see what an amazing dancer he is as well. So Thumbs up for Jay Park! We hope to see him soon!


Text by Virginia Clinberghe