JJCC is a 5 member boy group and the first group to debut under the Jackie Chan Group Korea in March 2014. Personally mentored by Jackie Chan himself, SimBa, Eddy, E.co, San Cheong and Prince Mak gained a lot of attention prior to their debut, with their 1st single ‘At First’.


It is said that their name stands for ‘Jackie Chan Joint Cultures’ as it is pronounced as Double JC. It has also been suggested that it also means ‘Double Joy Culture’. Jackie Chan has been known to be a huge K-Pop fan for some time, so it was no surprised when he decided to branch out into the area with his company, and he is even the personal manager of the group. The group also received a wide range of training from him, including Martial Arts stunts and how to handle themselves in the public eye. In addition to this, they also had extensive dance, singing and rapping training, as well as language lessons. As a group, they are able to speak 3 languages: Korea, English and Chinese.

Prior to their debut, many of the members also made appearances elsewhere. Most notably, Eddy proved himself to be a skillful cook on Masterchef Korea. Prince Mak also appeared on So You Think You Can Dance China Season 4, E.co was formerly a member of J.Rich, and Simba most recently appeared on Let’s Go Dream Team! Season 2. Even though K-Pop has yet to make the mainstream in America, JJCC received a fair amount of attention from the American media, such as The New York Post, due to their links with Jackie Chan.


On March 24th, the group officially made their debut with ‘At First’, and soon after, also attended Jackie Chan’s “2014 Peace, Love and Friendship” event, along with EXO and Kim Hee Sun, as well as many other popular international stars. They then made their 1st comeback with a mini album titled ‘Bing Bing Bing’ in August 2014.

Simba, real name Kim Young Jin, is the rapper and leader even though he not the eldest member of the group. In fact, at 22 years old he is the second youngest! He is one of only 3 members who were born in Korea. The other two Korean members are San Cheong, the rapper and maknae at age 21, and E.Co, the oldest member at 27, and a former member of vocal group, J.Heart. Eddy, who is Korean-American, and Prince Mak, who is Chinese-Australia, are both 24 and the vocalists of the group.


JJCC have shown a lot of potential since their debut, and the clearly have a lot more to give as well and are just waiting show it. I would highly recommend this group to anyone!


Sophie – August 2014