Born in 1989 on February 21st, Jung Joon Young is South Korean rock musician who made his official debut on October 10 2013 with the release of “1st Mini Album”.

As a child, Jung moved to and lived in various countries (such as Indonesia, China,  The Philippines, and France)  due to his father’s job thus resulting in him learning many languages. When in the Philippines, Jung Joon Young began to teach music to the children there which is what helped him begin the process of becoming a star!

At the age of 19 years, Jung Joon Young travelled to Seoul, South Korea, in order to pursue his goal   in becoming a rock star. Here, he created his own band Switch-On.

The singer later went on to almost become a member of the band LEDApple in 2008! To become a member of LEDApple, Jung Joon Young went through the arduous process of becoming a trainee and even began to record music with the band. This did not last however as their were some contract complications! One must wonder what life would be like if Jung Joon Young were to become a LEDApple member!

Jung Joon Young made his first television appearance as a rock artist on Mnet’s “Superstar K4” where he finished in third place! What a feat. His participation in the contest led to a major spark in his popularity! Jung could only go up from there!

Since his official debut and  appearance on “Superstar K4”, Jung Yoon Young has become a major star in the Kpop scene. He has taken part in popular reality TV shows such as “We Got Married” where he was paired with Jung Yoo Mi, and “2 Days 1 Night” where the singer began to appeal even more to the public eye!

In 2015, Jung Joon Young has definitely accumulated more success as he is now involved in the world of film! He made his big screen debut with “Love Forecast”, a romantic comedy movie in which he plays a very important role!

Overall, one might say Jung Joon Young has a very fiery and a somewhat dorky personality! This definitely came to the fore on “We Got Married” where the singer was more involved with his games than with his partner.  We can forgive him though, right?

Jung Joon Young is definitely an artist to watch out for. He never seems to stop leaving his fans in awe of his amazing work! With experience in comedy, reality shows, music, and acting, Jung Joon Young is certainly an all-rounder. Keeping an eye on him would be a good investment!



Izzy – July 2015

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