JYJ is a South Korean boy band created in April 2010 under the label C-Je S. The name of the group come from the name of each members. “J” for Kim JaeJoong, “Y” for Park YooChun and “J” for Kim JunSu. All members are the ex-members of “TVXQ / DBSK”. JYJ was created following the legal conflicts between boys with their former record company, SM Entertainment since 2009.

Kim JaeJoong, also known as Hero or Yongwoong, Jaejoong is a K-pop, J-pop and K-rock singer and also a composer. He was born formally on 26th January 1986 but his registered date of birth is 4th February 1986. JaeJoong was adopted when he was little because his father abandoned him and hir mother didn’t have the means to educate her child. The family who adopted him has 8 girls, who are now his older sisters. In 2004/2005, he learned he was adopted and was quite shocked. He eventually accepted the return of his biological family in his life.

In 2001, JaeJoong joined SM Entertainment as a trainee, and debuted in December 2003 as the lead singer in DBSK/TVXQ.

JaeJoong is also a very sociable person and  has a lot of famous friends. Some of his best friends are Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) and Park Yong Ha. He was really sad when his close friend YongHa committed suicide.

As an actor, JaeJoong has starred in many dramas and began in 2006 with “Vacation”. In 2010 he played in the drama “Sunao ni Narenakute” and won the price of the best supporting role. Recently, he also played in “Triangle” where he is Jang Dong Cheol / Heo Yeong Dal. He also appeared in MVs of other artist like Taegoon (for “Call me”) and Ayumi Hamazaki (for “Blossom”).

As a composer he wrote many songs for DBSK and JYJ, and in 2011, he wrote, composed and also performed one of the OST songs of the drama “Protect The Boss”, which was titled “I will protect you”.

Park YooChun was born on 4th June 1986. He is a singer, rapper and composer. He has a younger brother named Park Yu Hwan who is also an actor and a model. Together they grew up in the USA with their father after their parents divorced. After he won a song competition in USA, he came back to Korea and began in 2003 as a member of TVXQ with SM Entertainment. In that band he used the name of Micky YooChun, but when he left that band to form JYJ, he began to use the name of Park YooChun. Yoochun and JaeJoong are close friends, and they have always shared the same room since they were in TVXQ. YooChun also has solo activities as an actor. He has starred in many dramas like “Beautiful Love” in 2010, “Miss Ripley” in 2011, “I Miss You” in 2012, and “Three Days” in 2014, etc. He was also in films like “Dating on Earth” in 2006 and another one named “Sea Fog” in 2014.

Kim JunSu chose Xiah as a stage name which came from the word “Asia”. He also has a twin brother called JunHo, who is a J-pop and C-pop singer and is known by the name JUNO or ZUNO. Their birth was registered on 1th January 1987, but their real birth date is 15th December 1986. Their mother forgot to register their birth when she gave birth to her two sons.

JunSu joined SM Entertainment when he was only eleven years old. He also debuted in 2003 with TVXQ where he was a main singer.

He enjoys acting in musical comedies and he has had the main role on more than one occasion. He has won a lot of awards for his roles. JunSu is also captain of the soccer team “FC MEN”, a football team comprised of many famous idols.


The first mini-album of JYJ was revealed in September 2010. It had four tracks, “Itsudatte Kimini”, “Get Ready”, “Long Way” and “W”. Then in October of the same year, they revealed their first full album named “The Beginning”, which was recorded entirely in English. The album had 8 tracks and was registered in Los Angeles and produced by Rodney Jerkins. For the title track, “Ayyy Girl”, they collaborated with Kanye West. Very quickly, the album become a big success! In January 2011, they released another album, “MUSIC ESSAY – Their Room”. In September of the same year another album, “In Heaven” ,with ten tracks came out. After 2 months they released a special edition of this album by adding two tracks. A remix of “Get Out” and “In heaven”.


I really like JYJ because they are amazing singers and dancers. They deserve our attention and support. Three great talented men who will every time surprise us! Don’t forget to listen to their albums!


Elif. U – August 2014

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