K.A.R.D is a co-ed group and consists of 2 male members, J.seph (Kim Taehyung) and B.M (Matthew Kim), and 2 female members, Jeon So-min and Jeon Ji-woo.

Each member of KARD has a letter assigned to them that represents the group name; J.seph is the letter A and the Ace card. B.M is the letter K and the King card. So-min is the letter R and the BlackJokeR and Ji-woo is also the letter R but the ColourJokeR instead.

KARD have also introduced a ‘hidden (card)’ variation of a song that involves an artist during the promotion of the song but is not a permanent part of the group. Heo Young-ji (a former KARA member) was the first person to be involved in the ‘hidden (card)’ version of KARD’s first single, ‘Oh NaNa‘.

Before becoming a member of KARD, So-min was a member of DSP’s Japanese girl group Puretty and then the Korean group APRIL. She also participated in and reached the finals of KARA Project. B.M also starred on Goo Ha-ra’s song La La La and was her dance partner for her single Choco Chip Cookies.

On December 13th 2016, KARD announced they would be releasing 3 project singles before they hold their official debut. Their first project single is titled “Oh NaNa” and features Heo Young-ji as an extra singer.

The next project single, “Don’t Recall”, was released on February 16th 2017 followed by a complete English version on March 1st.

April 24th 2017 saw KARD release their final project single titled “Rumor” before announcements were made that KARD would be holding their first tour, Wild Kard, later on in the year.

It was also announced that KARD will be holding concerts in America and Canada in May 2017 and then be visiting Brazil and Mexico in June.

KARD recently became the 2017 Global Ambassadors for LG Electronic’s G6 Smartphone and we wish them every success with it! We also hope that when they officially debut, KARD will become a successful group that have a global fanbase!

Written in May 2017

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