Kim Hyun Joong was born on 6th June 1986. He is an actor, singer-songwriter, model and a TV presenter.

As a singer he was the leader of the group SS501 who were previously under DPS Media. Soon after the end of their contract, Kim Hyun Joong began a solo career under Keyeast Entertainment. During his career, he has released three mini-albums, “Break Down” and “Lucky” in 2011, “Round 3” in 2013 and one album “Unlimited” in 2012. He made a comeback with his fourth mini-album “Timing” in July 2014. He has also released many singles since 2008 such as “Please” or “Heat”, “Tonight”, and his Japanese comeback in 2012 with his single “Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy” was a big success. Kim Hyun Joong released his fourth Japanese single “Hot Sun” in June 2014 and it was placed first on the Oricon daily chart and the weekly chart!

In 2009, Kim Hyun Joong begin his actor career. He starred in the popular drama “Boys Over Flower” with Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, and Ku Hye Sun with whom he remained friends. It was then that his popularity exploded. In 2010, he played the principal role of Baek Sung Jo in the drama “Mischievous Kiss”. Since then he also made some appearances in many dramas like “Dream High” or “Hotelier”.

Kim Hyun Joong is part of the soccer team FC Men with other celebrities like ChangMin (2AM) or Lee KiKwang (BEAST), etc because football is one of his main hobbies.

In June 2011, he was invited on to Happy Together alongside his former SS501 memeber Heo Young Saeng, as well as HyoRin (Sistar) and twins Young Min and Kwang Min (Boyfriend) where he spend a good time telling some funny stories of his life.

Kim Hyun Joong has also created a necklace in collaboration with Justin Davis (renowned jewelry designer). The jewel has two initials: “H” and “J”, which he designed himself. In 2013, they collaborated again to launch a line of sunglasses.


In May 2011, he reveals the name of his own fanclub “Henecia”. H comes from the first letter of Hyunjoong and Benecia, which means sacred.


Currently he is planning a world tour where he will be visiting seven countries and 11 cities. Therefore, don’t forget to support him and why not go to see him if he comes in your country? We wish him a lot of success and happiness in the future!


Elif U. – August 2014

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