Laboum is six member South Korean girl group that made their debut in 2014. The group is under the label NH Media and also Nega Network.



Kim Yujeong is the leader of Laboum. Yujeong was born on Valentine’s day in 1992. She is an aquarius, meaning she is imaginative, affectionate, and independent, making her to be the perfect example of a leader! As well as being a leader, Yujeong uses her vocal talents to position herself as a lead vocalist in the group.




Jung Soyeon is the second eldest member of Laboum. She was born on May 4th in 1994 and she is a Taurus. Jung Soyeon, like her zodiac sign, is ambitious and hard working! She is somebody the members of Laboum can depend on. Her position in the group is main vocalist.



Next up is ZN, she was born on June 9th 1994 and is just a month younger than Soyeon. ZN’s real name is Bae Jin Ye and she is a Gemini. With a quick witted personality, it’s no wonder that ZN is the group’s rapper and lead dancer!



Yeom Haeon is another vocalist in Laboum. She was born in 1994 on May 19th, making her Soyeon’s zodiac sister. Haein enjoys singing and dancing and quoted herself as being “in charge of LABOUM’S talents”!



The second youngest member of Laboum is Ahn Solbin. Solbin is a ’97 liner born on August 19th. She is a Leo – making her passionate about her hobbies and also ambitious! She serves as the group’s visual member and we can see why, she’s stunning!



Kim Yoolhee is the youngest member or the maknae of Laboum. She was also born in 1997 but on November 27th. As a Sagittarius, she is adventurous and articulate, which makes sense considering that she is also a rapper!




To date, Laboum have released three single albums (Petit Macaron, Sugar Sugar, Aalow Aalow) and four singles (Pit-A-Pat, What About You, Sugar Sugar, Aalow Aalow). As well as having released their own material, Laboum members have also taken part in various soundtracks – for example, member Yoolhee teamed up with Kevin Woo of UKISS for “My Reason” OST, while Soyeon paired up with Sum for the “Can We Love” OST.



Not only are Laboum stars of music and performance, they also excel in variety as members have appeared on numerous variety shows! Laboum have made television appearances on the likes of After School Club, Dream Team, SNL Korea, and also Hello Counsellor. You can definitely see their bright and humorous personalities on these variety shows!




Laboum have a lot to offer to the music scene, so stay tuned! We can’t wait to see what they do next!



Isabelle, March 2016

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