Artist: LED APPLE [레드애플]

Record label: Starkim Entertainment


Debut: 6TH OCTOBER 2010

Members:  YOUNG JUN (영준), HAN BYUL (한별), HYO SEOK (효석), KWANG YEON (광연), KYU MIN (규민),

Former Members: SUNG HYUN (성현), MIN YONG (민용), JAE HOON (재훈), I-OH (이오), KEON U (건우)


Who doesn’t want to shine like a star? If you think stars are too far to reach, you have LED. Led Apple surely doesn’t shine just like stars – they also shine like LED.

Led Apple, also known as LEDApple or Ledapple, is a South Korean rock band formed by STARKIM Entertainment. “Led” once stood for Logic Egoism Delete, but after the release of the album, CODA, the meaning changed to “shining as brightly as LED whenever they perform” and eventually became a tribute preference to the band’s role-model, Led Zeppelin. “Apple”, on the other hand, represents the band’s fresh image and music. The band’s fandom is called LEDAs since 2011.


Some members of Led Apple have experienced the buzz of the music industry. Member Min Yong was a contestant in Superstar K prior to the band’s debut. Led Apple was tagged as a new “idol rock band” with five members that was revealed on 27th September 2010, and a teaser for their debut single was released on the 29th. Led Apple performed their debut single, Dash (대쉬) (originally sung by Baek Ji Young), at the Busan International Film Festival on 6th October 2010, and their music video was released the following day. The band released Dash with their album, Logic Egoism Delete, and held their debut stage at Mnet’s M! Countdown on 11th November 2010.


Though the band has been fine throughout the promotions, member I-OH announced via Twitter on 1st February 2011 that he would be leaving the band due to tuberculosis but also stated that he would be staying with the company. After that, members Min Yong and Sung Hyun also left the group due to personal reasons the agency did not disclose. Hyo Seok, Jae Hoon and Kyu Min joined the band for the release of their mini album, Niga Mwonde (니가 뭔데/Who Do You Think You Are). The band released a comeback teaser for their album and title track on 13th June 2011. However, the teaser became controversial because of the members being in a club and drinking alcohol. Since three members were still minors at the time of its release, the teaser was tagged a bad influence to the youth. The single and the album, Niga Mwonde, were released on 15th June 2011 alongside the title track’s music video with a regular version and a drama version.


After the release of Niga Mwonde, the band was again presented with another issue – plagiarism. Netizens claimed that Niga Mwonde plagiarized CN Blue’s song, Love. STARKIM Entertainment released a counter statement saying both songs were composed by Lee Sang Ho, explaining the similarities between the two songs. With all the controversies, the group stood strong and Niga Mwonde still managed to enter Gaon Chart and peaked at number sixty-seven.


Led Apple released another song from their album Niga Mwonde entitled, Birthday Killer, sending a message to critics and anti-fans that hate comments can cause idols to do extreme things out of misery. Although the song and the music video were praised for its powerful message, the song didn’t make it to the top one hundred of Gaon Chart. Leader Jae Hoon left the band after the promotion of Niga Mwonde for personal reasons that were also not disclosed.


Keon U, son of famous composer Park Kwang Hyun, was revealed as a new member of the band on 28th October 2011. Another new member, Han Byul, was presented through teaser photos with the rest of the band on 3rd November. Han Byul was also revealed the new leader of the band, this time with six members.


A teaser for the band’s album, CODA, was released on 7th November 2011 followed by a nine-minute drama teaser video on the 9th. The full MV for their single, Eojjeoda Majuchin (어쩌다 마주친/Ran Into You By Chance), was released on the 11th. On the first week of its release, album CODA peaked at number six on the Gaon Chart and Led Apple was nominated for the “Anticipated Super Rookies for 2012” category at the Wave K Super Rookies Awards on 15th December 2011. Though Led Apple didn’t win the award, the band managed to become the third highest voted rookie group following RaNia and B1A4.


Prior to the release of their single, Time Is Up, Led Apple released a teaser on 29th January 2012 followed by the announcement of the band’s new leader, Young Jun. The band made their comeback stage with Time Is Up in Mnet’s M! Countdown on 2nd February and the song was released the next day. Within the promotion period on 12th February, Led Apple starred in their own reality TV show via SBS MTV entitled, Led Apple Entertainment, where the six members have to start up and manage their own entertainment firm and to cast trainee singers. Led Apple Entertainment aired from 15th February to 21st March 2012.


On 5th March via Facebook, Led Apple announced the end of Time Is Up promotions, and that they would be releasing a new digital single, Sadness. The single was released on 9th March with their comeback stage on KBS’ Music Bank. Led Apple also made their Japanese debut after attending the K-Rookies Party Vol. 1 concert that was held in Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo, Japan on 16th March. The band performed four of their songs as part of the concert’s finale. And later on during the press conference, the members expressed their gratitude and desire to come back to Japan. The group then released the MV for Sadness on 26th March 2012 and the song peaked at number 58 on the Gaon Chart.

Led Apple held their first solo concert, Now Playing – Led Apple in Seoul, Vol. 1, on 11th May 2012 at the Soundholic City in Seoul. The concert was great success for the group, earning them two extra provincial concerts in Daegu and Busan on 18th and 19th of May. A second solo concert was held at the Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball in Tokyo on 23rd June. However, member Keon U wasn’t able to perform with the band because of health issues.


The group released their third mini-album, Run To You, followed by an MV for their title track on 5th July 2012. Sadly, Keon U had to leave the group after the song was released due to health issues. Led Apple held their Now Playing Led Apple Vol. 2 in Hongdae, V-Hall on 5th October with only five members. And on 15th November 2012, the band released their single, Let The Wind Blow.

Apart from all their promotions, Led Apple also performs their official YouTube channel a Music Note series where the group covers a song once a week and the profits gained from the advertisements that appear through their videos are donated to “Save The Children”, the international organization that protects Children’s Rights.


Led Apple is currently promoting their latest and third mini album, Bad Boys, throughout music shows. They released the album on 16th June 2013 with a title track, Bad Boys.

Led Apple has gone through a lot in the past, but those experiences have made the band even smarter and stronger. They may not be on top of the mainstream now, but Led Apple definitely deserves to be everyone’s “apple of the eye”. Led Apple will continue to shine bright as LED no matter what, and LEDAs will always stand by them.


Led Apple officially disbanded in 2016

Written by JKOD

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