Lunafly debuted in September 2012, it’s a 3 members band but we can say they are different. They are composing their music and have a different genre. It’s original and fresh. At Japako Music, we really like their style. They are talented and charismatic. Moreover, they make as much songs in English as in Korean. One of them being half British, he speaks English better than Korean. But they can also speak a bit of Japanese. It’s like they are made to have an international success. That’s why we want to present them and support them. We believe in their art and we think they can bring something new, different to the music industry and not only in Korea. Though, they are still fighting to get recognized in Korea and around the world, they have a lot of determination. They have lots of potential of course, but as they are not really dancing choreography or rock music per se They have to fight a bit harder. Even though, with their last release Fly to love they got the attention and they made it up to the charts. All we can wish for them is that their success will grow more and more in the future.


They are 3 members, the leader is Sam, half Korean and half British. He came to Korea to become a singer, but he had to learn Korean intensively first to be able to do so. His first language being English of course. But even though, it’s not always easy for him to understand his member or to be understood, they seem to work it out. He is a very good singer with a special voice and can make high notes pretty easily. He is playing the guitar. When he is on stage, you can see that he has a lot of charisma. He is impressive and a good leader. But he seems to be nice as well. The other guitarist is Yun, also a singer of course, he has a beautiful voice, it’s always enjoyable to listen to him. He is also very handsome. He is the youngest in the band and seems to be cool but a bit quieter than the others. The third member is Teo, the singer who is playing bass, djembe and piano, a multi-talented guy for sure. He has a sweet voice which gives a sweet touch to the songs. He is really cute, with a feminine look, even though he clearly acts manly. He seems to be overexcited all the time and can talk a lot. He is funny and certainly entertaining.


They first released a single in English Super Hero in September 2012. It was a worldwide release. Then they released the Korean version of the song „Super Hero“ in a mini album two weeks later, called „How nice would it be?“. The hit song is great and it attracts quite a few fans, from everywhere. In December 2012, they released a new single Clear day cloudy day. From our point of view, the song is showing their determination to become real artists. Recently, they released a full length album fly to love, where you can find all their previous songs but also 3 new songs as well as the English version of all the songs. If you want to know more, please read the album review under this presentation.


To summarize Lunafly: it’s new, it’s original, it’s colourful… how could you not like those guys? Japako Music likes them a lot and we want to support them and promote them in Europe mostly but also around the world. So guys don’t hesitate to check them out! They really deserve our attention and love!


Text by Virginia Clinberghe