Madtown is a 7-member Korean boygroup formed under J.Tune Camp in 2014. Prior to their debut, several famous singers were shown with “Welcome to Madtown” promotional banners and the fans were eager to discover if it was a new group debuting or if it was related to MBLAQ, the other male group of the agency. On September 2014, the truth was finally disclosed as the agency officially revealed the first teaser for Madtown’s debut. Their debut track “YOLO“, taken from their first mini-album “Madtown – Super Debut“, was released in October and was quickly followed by the first music show appearances for the group.






On March 2015, Madtown made their comeback with a mini-album called “Welcome to Madtown” and the title track “New World” was actively promoted, gaining quite some attention and reaching #7 in the Gaon Album Charts. Their latest release is “OMGT“, released November 2015.



What characterises this group is not only their versatility, but also the different capabilities of each member. You can clearly see it in their reality show “MAD TV”, which was aired on the official YouTube channel of J.Tune Camp from October 2014 to January 2015.



Moos is the leader of the group and was born in 1991. His face is already known in the kpop world: first, he was set to debut with MBLAQ, but left shortly before their debut due to personal reasons. In 2013, he debuted as part of a rap-unit called Pro-C (Problem Children) together with Buffy, who is also a member of Madtown. Moos is a very charming person with a warm smile and his strong point is undoubtedly rapping.






H.O is the maknae of the group and was born in 1995. He has a lively personality and charms the fans with his lovely and warm ways, and of course he never forgets to act cute and to show off his adorable dimples. Buffy was born in 1995 and is just 3 days older than H.O. He is skilled in writing lyrics and is in charge of the rap lines in the group. He tends to seem quite serious but, as he personally stated, he loves to tease his hyungs and can be pretty funny too. Previously, he played the bass guitar and he’d love to learn it again. He was one of the participants in “Show Me The Money 4”.



Daewon was born in 1992 and he’s a skilled dancer. Therefore, he’s Madtowns main dancer. Previous to his debut, you could see him as a backup dancer for different artists, like EXO’s “Growl”, K.Will’s “Love Blossom” and Ladies’Code “Pretty Pretty” song promotions. He is a cheerful and warm person, always taking care of his group members and fans.






Heo Jun is the vocalist of the group and was born in 1994. He’s also good in dancing and is praised for his piano skills. Jota is a 1994-liner and in charge of rapping. It is said that he is a person who works hard and is diligent to reach his goals, and that he has a great body due to a lot of exercise. He’s the member with the smallest face of the whole group and he’s really proud of it. He likes acrobatics and you can see him as backup dancer in Lee Hyori’s “Bad Girls” MV and promotions.



Lee Geon is the main vocal of the group and was born in 1992. He has strong vocal capabilities and he particularly shines in Madtown’s Cover Project, as he sings a brilliant interpretation of “Lay Me Down”. He’s also a skilled dancer (he was a backup dancer in K.Will’s “Love Blossom”) and another strong point of him are his acting skills.



Moed88, March 2016

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