MFBTY is a renowned, legendary hip-hop trio consisting of the members, Tiger JKYoon Mirae (also known by the shorten form of her English name Tasha), and Bizzy.  All three of the members are talented, established artists individually and have been on the music scene, both in Korea and internationally, for many years.

Rapper, vocalist and Boss Lady Yoon Mirae was born in the United States, but got her start in South Korea in the mid-1990s. During this time, she received criticism for her mixed heritage no matter where she went – bullied for being Asian in the US, bullied for being American in Korea.  Despite this, she was a part of a project group for a while, released music as a solo artist, and even made her Japan debut in 2002. Her now husband, Tiger JK, also got an early start, being exposed to hip-hop music and beginning to rap at a young age, and eventually making an official debut in South Korean in 1992.  The two have one son together, Jordan, whose voice was featured in “The Cure” and also made an adorable cameo in the song and music video for their recent release “Bang Diggy Bang Bang (방뛰기방방).” Rapper, DJ, and producer Bizzy was the last the join the music scene out of the trio, not making an official debut until 2002. He is also known for having collaborated with many, many talented artists – most notably with actor and hip-hop artist Yang Dong Geun (YDG). He later joined Jungle Entertainment in 2006.

The story surrounding their name MFBTY varies once in a while. Many have said that it started as a joke between Twitter-savy Tiger JK and his fans as early as 2011, while the trio have also revealed a story in a past interview that it was something that Yoon Mirae had decided on and the boys just went with it (because you don’t mess with Yoon Mirae). The three members and their fan also enjoy playing with the backcronym for their name, with the most common being “My Fans Better Than Yours” and “My Family Better Than Yours.” As for becoming the renowned trio they are now, Yoon Mirae had previously mentioned in interviews that they had come together because they had hit a point where they were feeling uninspired when they were working on their own individual music releases. However, when they called each other for help, they were able to bounce ideas off of each other, inspire each other, and just picked up on each other’s energy.

Though they had been friends and had already been working with each other for years before, the trio made their official debut as MFBTY in 2013 with the digital single album release “Sweet Dream” along with DJ Smells as their DJ and Lupens as their visual effects director. The catchy track and insane music video made old fans fall in love with these talented artists all over again and gained them new fans along the way.  MFBTY left Jungle Entertainment in 2013 to create their own label Feel Ghood Music (FGM) with Tiger JK and Boss Lady Yoon Mirae as the C.E.O.s and Bizzy as one of the company’s main producers. The reasons as to why the trio decided to leave are still mostly unknown, but some fans have speculated that there were issues within the company (speculation which mostly branched from the fact that after the trio left, they released music together without using the name ‘MFBTY‘ until the release of their 2015 ‘Wondaland‘). However, the trio had also mentioned previously that they didn’t like working in professional locations. They explained that Feel Ghood Music would be a small, close knit company consisting of close friends and family.

Later in 2013, Tiger JK released an album titled “The Cure” under his former stage name Drunken Tiger, which was used to collect funds, so that he could treat his father, who has been diagnosed with cancer that year. The album itself was dedicated to his father, as well as others who may be continuously experiencing hardships in this ‘cold, cold world out there.’ Unfortunately, Tiger JK’s father passed away on the 1st of February 2014.

After releasing this news, the trio went on a hiatus with fans continuously sending their support regarding the news through social media, especially to the usually Twitter-happy, but then quiet, Tiger JK. However, it wasn’t too long before the three were on the move once again and Tiger JK was back on Twitter trolling his fans.  In May 2014, they featured in “Without You Now (이젠 너 없이도),” the upbeat solo debut track of Yuna Kim, who is currently a member of the rookie girl group, The Ark. Then, in December, they released the single “Angel,” under Yoon Mirae‘s name with Tiger JK and Bizzy as featuring artist.

MFBTY made their official comeback as a group in March 2015. Prior to the release, fans were getting hyped as to what this album would sound like, especially with rumors stating that Rap Monster from BTSwho was releasing a new mix tape at the time and gaining a lot of attention, and Junhyung from BEAST would be contributing to the album along with many other talented artists, as well as the trio’s own admission that the album would be more “K-pop” than their past releases. They also released a full music video for  “BuckuBucku (부끄부끄)” which featured Rap Monster, EE and Dino-J as a teaser before the album was released. Their official comeback came on March 19th, with the release of their “Wondaland” album and the music video for “Bang Diggy Bang Bang (방뛰기방방).” The album title made fans reminisce of MFBTY’s predebut days when Tiger JK always talked about how his fans lived in a fairy tale like Alice in Wonderland and when he dressed up as the Mad Hatter in “Sweet Dream.”

If you’re a fan of hip hop or R&B, this is definitely one group to check out (if you’re not a fan of them already).  With their less than perfect history, MFBTY are very humble, as well as very family- and fan-orientated, which makes them that much more easy to connect with and lovable. Their excellent flow mixed with their vocals and brilliant lyric composing and all that combined with their mindset to just create good music together without worrying about money or popularity, makes for difficult-to-dislike releases. The music from this experienced, charismatic, talented yet also inspiration, humble, and loving trio is something you do not want to miss out on.

Dea & Jenga – May 2015


[SOURCE: Feel Ghood Music]

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