Monsta X is a South Korean hip hop rookie group that debuted in 2015. The group made their debut under Starship Entertainment with the track “Trespass”, and also made their live debut on M Countdown.

Before Monsta X made their debut, the members participated in a show called “No Mercy” which involved eliminations to determine which members would be joining Monsta X! Now, Monsta X consists of seven members altogether: Shownu, Minhyuk, Wonho, Kihyun, I.M, Jooheon, and Hyungwon.

Son Hyun Woo, who goes by the stage name of Shownu, is the leader of Monsta X! He is a ’92 liner and as well as being an authoritative leader, he is also a skilled dancer and vocalist! Before becoming a member of Monsta X, Shownu was set to join the popular JYP group GOT7. Although he is still friends with the GOT7 members, Shownu is glad to be a member of Monsta X!

Minhyuk is the next member. Lee Minhyuk is a ’93 liner and the face of Monsta X. Being the group’s pretty boy doesn’t mean that he is all looks however! Minhyuk is also a talented vocalist and is a part of the group’s ’93 line!

Wonho, like Minhyuk, was also born in 1992 and that makes him a part of the group’s ’93 line! Wonho was originally set to debut as a member of a group called “NuBoyz” along with the members Shownu and Jooheon, but I’m sure Monsta X are glad to have him as a member of their team! Minhyuk is also a vocalist member of Monsta X.

Yoo Kihyun is, you guessed it, also a ’93 liner! Kihyun serves as a vocalist of Monsta X – he also once made a song called “Pillow” together with Giriboy and Soyou! Kihyun hopes to collaborate with the member Hyungwon in the future! I’m sure fans will be pleased!

I.M, whose real name is Lim Chang Kyun, was born in 1996, which makes him the group’s maknae! Before joining Monsta X, I.M was a member of a group called “Nu’bility”! As well as being a maknae, I.M’s role in Monsta X is as the group’s rapper! I.M also possesses the talent of speaking fluent English!

Up next is Jooheon, who is a ’94 liner! Jooheon, like I.M, is also a rapper! As well as his activities in Monsta X, Jooheon previously collaborated with Hyorin and San E for a song called “Coach Me”! Jooheon was also once part of the group “NuBoyz”!

Finally, the last member up is Hyunwong. Hyunwong, like Jooheon, was born in 1994. His role in Monsta X is that of a talented dancer and vocalist! He learned to dance at Joydance Academy in his home town! Hyunwong is also quite tall at 181 centimetres!

Monsta X are definitely a group with a steadily growing fandom. The group have a lot to offer with seven unique members! Remember to keep an eye on them in the future as they are taking the Kpop world by storm!



Isabelle – October 2015

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