MR.MR has debuted in 2012 as a 5 member group, to finally add one more member to the group end of 2013. They had a hard debut but with the addition of the 6th member, the group has become stronger. Their debut song was a bit lacking, then they started to release better songs and grow their popularity. Though they still have to gain more success. We think they are definitely showing a lot of potential. Their latest release is amazing and shows their talent properly. Their strength is definitely their original and good choreographies. They are also very good at singing ballads where you can appreciate their good vocal range. Live, we can see that they have a lot of Charisma and they always give their maximum to put the best performance.

There are 6 members, the leader Jin who is also a vocalist, He is a real leader as he talks a lot and likes to coach the others. He is very charismatic and handsome. The other vocalists, Doyeon and Changjae. Doyeon always seems sleepy and talks slowly, so the others make fun of him a lot. But being a nice person and funny himself, he is always laughing with the others.Changjae is a bit more serious and seems to be the right hand of the leader. There are two main vocalists, Tey and the maknae Ryu. Tey can be as much serious as being an idiot. But when it comes to singing, he is definitely on the serious side. He has a nice and sweet voice. Ryu is all cute and definitely the real maknae. He likes to play around. He also has a nice voice.  The last member who has been added is Jiwon and he is the rapper. They can be really funny and stupid but becoming really serious when it comes to music.


They released their first single on the 4th of October titled “Who’s that girl“. Then they released their second single “Highway” on the 24th of January, which has given them more attention. So they have been able to release their first mini album on the 5th of July titled “Waiting for you“. And recently, they have released their third single with the addition of a new member. The single is titled “Do you feel me” and gained a lot of love.


MR.MR has really everything that we like at JAPAKO Music. We think that they have a big potential and that they deserve more attention. So don’t hesitate to check them out!


Text by Virginia Clinberghe