Nine Muses debuted on 12th of August, 2010 with their single album “Let’s Have a Party“, the song “No Playboy” as the title track. Their company is Star Empire Entertainment. As it can be understood from their group name, they debuted with 9 members; Jaekyung, Rana, Bini, Lee Sem, Eunji, Sera, Euaerin, Hyemi, and Minha. After a short while, Jaekyung left the group and Hyuna joined in her stead.


On January of the next year Bini and Rana left the group. At that time Euaerin also left but she returned after a little while. Approximately a year after their debut, on 18th of August, 2011; Nine Muses made their comeback as a 7-member group with their single “Figaro“.


Until January of 2012, the group was busy with several performances. In one of these performances in Abu Dhabi, the group introduced their new member Kyungri, who later became the most popular member in Korea as she is the member that participated in variety shows the most. On January 11, 2012, Nine Muses released their single “News“, which also marks Kyungri’s official debut with the group.


Without taking a long break, they released their mini album “Sweet Rendezvous” on March 8, 2012, and they promoted the song “Ticket” from the album. Amidst the promotions, on March 12, 2012, a new member Sungah was announced to join the group.


After a long while of not having a comeback, their second single album “Dolls” was released on January 24th, 2013. It consisted of two other songs and the title song lived up to the wait and became their most popular single up to that time.


On May 9th of the same year they released their second mini album “Wild“. The album consisted of six songs including Wild’s instrumental version. Both the title track and the mini album, again were quite successful.


October 14, 2013 was a memorable date for Nine Muses. They released their first full album “Prima Donna“, which consisted of eleven distinct songs. They had a successful promotion with their title track “Gun“. Later, on December 4, they released their single “Glue“.


On January 2014, the departure of two members, Lee Sem and Eunji was announced. On June of the following year, Sera left the group too.


On July 24, member Hyuna released her solo single “I Like My Way Back Home“, both the song and the music video dedicated to her two adorable cats Moya, and Hoya.


Towards the end of August a project group named “Nasty Nasty” was announced. This unit was made up of Nine Muses member Kyungri, a female rookie Sojin, and their label mate group ZE:A‘s Kevin. They released their title track “Knock” on September 3.


Later on, Sojin of Nasty Nasty became an official member of Nine Muses. Along with the announcement of her addition to the group, it was also announced that another trainee, Lee Keumjo, was to join the group.


On January 21, 2015, Nine Muses held a showcase for their new mini-album “Drama“, which was released two days later. The album had 5 songs, with the title track of the same name.

On July 2, Nine Muses released a special summer album “S/S Edition“, which is also their fourth mini-album. Their title track from the album is “다쳐 (Hurt Locker)“.


On November 24, they released their fifth mini-album “Lost“, consisting of six tracks. The title track of the album is “Can’t Sleep, I’m Hungry“, which is their first collaboration track with the popular producer Brave Brothers.


Along with many song releases since 2010, this very pretty looking group with the trademark of having long legs, had appearances in lots of music videos of popular names like; Hyuna appearing in Lee Jun Ki‘s “J Style“, Minha appearing in their label mate group ZE:A‘s “All Day Long“, Kyungri appearing in Homme‘s “It Girl” and several more examples.


Nine Muses didn’t immediately dive into popularity, but through the years they’ve slowly but solidly improved their fanbase. In the recent years, they’re enjoying more popularity than before. Especially their songs like Ticket, Dolls, Wild, Gun were all very good songs and they were more badass than other girl groups, it was impossible for them not to get attention with them. For the coming years, it’s evident that they will gain more popularity, and we wish them all the success that they deserve.



Deniz – December 2015


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