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4minute is a Kpop girl band with 5 members. Nam Ji Hyun, the leader, was born on 9th January 1990 and she is a really good dancer. Jeon Ji Yoon was born on 15th... Read More

A Pink

A Pink was formed in 2011 under the label A Cube Entertainment. They directly gave the image of Fairy-like idol with their first release. This image kept growin... Read More


The Boys band A-Jax started in 2012 with the single "One 4 U", they were already know as the DSP Boys but they changed their names when they debuted for A-Jax. ... Read More


The cute and Prince-like Korean Idols, A-Prince, started in July 2012 with the song "You're the only one". They released a bit after another single titled "Hell... Read More


A.cian currently has 5 members; Hyeokjin, Jin. O, Jungsang, LO-J and Sanghyun. Jin.O is the youngest and Sanghyun has now become the leader after the line-up wa... Read More

After School

After School has been formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2009. They are known for their special concept of unique admission and graduation where the members are ... Read More