Pentagon is 10 member male group signed under Cube Entertainment.

Back in 2015, it was announced that Cube Entertainment was planning to debut with a new group within 2016. On April 26th a first trailer called “Come into the World” was aired. As you suppose from this video,  Pentagon is going to be a male only group with quite some members, 10 in total. Pentagon is Cube’s third boy group after Beast and BtoB and has not only Korean members, but also Japanese and Chinese.

The final members of the group were selected through a reality survival audition program “Mnet Pentagon Maker”. The show focused on challenging the members in Performance, Dance, Teamwork, Talent and Mind. Some of the participants were not new to the Korean show business. For example, we have Jin-ho, ex-member of ‘SM the ballad’ and Hongsok, who was seen in Mnet TV audition program MIX&MATCH back in 2014. By the end of the show, only Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Yeo One, Yuto, Kino and Wooseok were confirmed as Pentagon’s members.

After “Pentagon Maker” was over, the group was supposed to debut through a concert, but everything was cancelled and Cube Entertainment didn’t reveal anything about them for quite some time. Finally, on October 10, they officially debuted with “Gorilla”, the title track taken from their first mini album “Pentagon”. . For the joy of the fans, the previously eliminated members E’Dawn, Yan An and Shinwon were nevertheless able to debut as Pentagon.

Their debut was quite a success: over 700,000 views on Youtube in a day,  3rd position on Naver Realtime Search, 81th position on Naver Top 100 Chart, and #PENTAGONdebut trending not only in Malaysia, USA and Indonesia, but also on 4th worldwide position on Twitter.

ON December 6th, only one day before the release of their second mini- album “Five Senses” (title track “Can You Feel It”), the group hold the sold out “Pentagon Mini Concert Tentastic Vol. 1”.

The group was quite active in 2017: on January 7th, they released the music video for “Pretty Pretty“, a song taken from “Five Senses”. A few months later, on March 29th, Pentagon had the Japanese debut with “Gorilla”, consisting of the Japanese Versions of their previously released tracks “Gorilla”, “Can You Feel It”, “Pretty Pretty”, “You Are”, plus two new Japanese tracks.

Before the release of the third mini-album “Ceremony” with “Critical Beauty” as title track, Pentagon had a pre-released “Beautiful” on May 18th. Moreover, they had a 3 days concert “Tentastic Vol. 2 ‘Trust'” from June 10–12. On 24 July, a surprise music video was released. “Precious Promise” was an unique surprise for the fans.

On September 6, the fourth mini-album was released.”Demo_01” includes the title track, “Like This” and 5 songs composed/written by the members. Soon after, the group held their third solo concert, “Pentagon Mini Concert Tentastic Vol. 3,’Promise'” in Seoul.

Pentagon is a very versatile group, as all of the 10 members have very interesting and different skills.


Hui is Korean and the leader of the group. Not only is he the main singer, but also the lead dancer. He used to be a JYP trainee and appeared in G.NA’s “Secret” music video as well as in Rain’s “Rain Effect”. He is part of the sub-unit Triple H with E’Dawn and HyunA, He wrote the debut track “Energetic” for Wanna One.







Jinho is the main vocalist. Even though he’s the oldest of the group, he is often seen as the “cute tiny hyung”. He is Korean and was once part of SM The Ballad before moving to Cube Entertainment.







Hongseok became famous through the tv show “MIX&MATCH” (the show that made YG’s iKON). He is Korean but lived in China and USA and Singapore. Therefore he speaks, Korean, English and Chinese. He is very fond of his body and Iron Man.







E’Dawn is the lead rapper, dancer of the group. He is Korean and is known for his high pitched tunes. He has tattoos and appeared in  G.NA’s “Secret” music video and replaced BtoB’s Ilhoon during the promotion stages of Hyuna’s “Rolling Deep”. He is part of the sub-unit Triple H with Hui and Hyuna







Shinwon is Korean and is the self declared visual of the group. He was cast as model before his debut and is very attentive in fashion-related issues.









Yeo-One is Korean and lead vocalist. He’s very talkative and likes acting. He  appeared in  G.NA’s “Secret” music video and Dongwoon’s “KIMISHIKA” music video.









Yanan is from Shanghai. He is a sub-vocalist of the group and the visual of the group. He was supposed to be an air steward before being scouted by Cube Entertainment.









Yuto is Japanese and the main rapper of the group. He is fluent both in Korean as Japanese, therefore he raps (with quite a deep voice) in both languages. He is a good baseball player.









Kino is Korean and he’s quite the dance machine within Pentagon. He appeared in G.NA’s “Secret” music video as well as in Rain’s “Rain Effect”. He was also a MC for the “Rainbow Concert”. He helped creating the choreography for “Gorilla” and “Like This”.








Wooseok is Korean and the maknae. He has a bright personality and is very loved by the fans.









Pentagon is really a multi-talented group strong in every aspects: singing, dancing, rapping, composing and writing. Japako Music will for sure take a close look at them in the future!

Written by Moed88

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