Royal Pirates is a Korean-American rock band that debuted in 2013 under Apple of the Eye Entertainment in Korea.

Previously based in California, they were formerly known as Fading From Dawn from 2004 onwards and consisted of  Moonchul, Sooyoon, and Richard, who was Moonchul’s brother.

Due to a tragic car accident, Richad passed away in 2008 together with two other band’s friends and the band decided to change their name into Royal Pirates as they understandingly could not be Fading From Dawn anymore.


In September 2009, James joined Moonchul and Sooyoon and the formation started anew.

Even before James joined thee team, Sooyoon and Moochul uploaded various cover versions of famous songs on their YouTube channel. Their version of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” made it big and the result was an invitation to Star King. Due to scheduling conflicts and the fact that they did not want to be categorized as cover band, they refused the offer. Shortly after, they appeared on Korean News and Allkpop, impressing with “Crawling Out” written by Moonchul.

During summer of 2010, Royal Pirates signed their contract with Apple of the Eye and slowly began their career through different small live concerts.

In February 2013, they started with the recording of their debut album and on the 26th of August they finally released the powerful single “Shout Out”.

Kim Moonchul, stage name Moon, is the leader, guitarist and vocalist of the band. He’s an ’88-liner, his English name is Andrew and he lived in the US for around 10 years. He’s a talented singer and instrument player as he can also play bass, piano and drums. He’s a fan of Muse and Coldplay, which influence his music style and apparently, he’s terrified of insects. He faced a rough time due his brother Richard’s death but never stopped to achieve his dream of making music. His motto is “I won’t say what needs to be said but say what needs to be heard.”

James Lee Joohyun, was born and raised in the US back in 1988. He’s the bassist of Royal Pirates. Besides, he can also play string guitar and a little bit of trumpet. He has a charming way of presenting himself on stage, making a lot of fans weak thank to his heartwarming (eye)smiles. Before joining Royal Pirates, he was the bassist of metalcore group Azusa and the frontman for indie band Clear and Conscious. His motto is “Sometimes it’s good to slow down and practice being present”.
Sooyoon is the maknae and drummer but he also plays guitar and bass. He has also released a few solo songs like “One Hundred Roses” and “Like Butterflies”. He stands out because of his sweet vocals, his composing talent and the unique outfits. He’s a chocolate and Pikachu addict and apparently he played all the Pokemon games. His motto is “I don’t have enough talent to be a special artist. But I do have greater passion”


The band’s name is an interesting choice, describing the dream they’re aiming for. The band stated that those 2 contradictory words show the contrast of the band and also reflect their identity. Royal Pirates are an unique band with interesting sounds, powerful voices and they dream to become a legendary rock band. They wish to freely make music that transcends time and space, whitout being trapped by any frame of mind and we should all support them because they’re worth of it!



Moed88 & The Royal Voyage – August 2014

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