Sunny Days debuted on 18th of May 2012, under Haeun Entertainment. The current members are Sunkyung, Jungyoon, Heuira, Dayoung and Dasom. Their most prominent feature is their outstanding vocals.


Sunny Days’ debut song was a ballad called “Take Away“. Although it was their first promotional song, they didn’t release a music video for the song. The member line-up for their debut consisted of Sunkyung, Minji, Soojung, Soohyun and Jihee. After the promotion, in June, member Minji left the group because of an ankle injury. She was replaced by Seoyeon, a new addition to the group.


Their next work was to participate in the vocals of the single album “Glory Korea“, which was a collaborative single composed to support the Korean athletes participating in the 2012 Olympics.

Sunny Days made their comeback on July 26, 2012 with their second single titled “Don’t Touch Me“, a medium-tempo pop-ballad song. This also marked the first time the group released a music video. Sunny Days had their next comeback with their 3rd single on April 8, 2013 with “I Must Be Crazy“. On July 31 of the same year, their 4th single titled “Meet a Girl Like You” was released. With this release, we also got to meet new members of the group; the new maknae, Gyuhee, and a Chinese member, Bichen. Bichen was also the former winner of ‘K-Pop World Festival’ as a Chinese competitor.


In 2014, Sunny Days made a comeback as a sub unit, Real Vocal, which consisted of the main vocals Sunkyung, Jihee and Soohyun. The sub-unit’s debut song was “With the Same Lips“.

Their 5th single “I Don’t Need You Boy” which is also dubbed as “Half of World Are Men“, was released on July 31, 2014. With this comeback, we saw the departure of the two members who joined back in 2013, Bichen and Gyuhee. Seoyeon also went into a hiatus due to health problems.


Later that year on December 2, Sunkyung, recognized for her outstanding vocals, participated in the song “Rain” for One Way Dandelion’s OST Part 2.


The members’ contracts expired in 2015 and three members decided to not renew their contracts with the agency. All three members who parted were part of the original line-up (these members being; Jihee, Soojung and Soohyun). Sunkyung re-signed her contract and was left as the only original member of the group. Jungyoon had joined the group towards the end of 2014, meaning that only members Sunkyung and Jungyoon were still part of Sunny Days. Later in 2015, the addition of three new members was announced; Heuira, Dayoung and the new maknae, Dasom.


As the girls’ comeback date kept being pushed back, all the members with the exemption of Sunkyung started promoting themselves through guerrilla performances. They had these performances with their label mate boy group, Lose Control (LC).


Sunny Days finally made their long awaited comeback with “Blah Blah” on September 23, 2015.


Sunny Days had their ups and downs with lots of member changes. All the members have very strong attractive points and vocals of the group are amazing. Hopefully, they can keep their old fans with their consistently good songs and attract lots of new fans with their new sides.

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