Tahiti is a 5 member girl group that has had several line-up changes since debut. The original line-up for Tahiti consisted of; Ari, Hanhee, Jisoo, Minjae and Jungbin. The line-up then changed in 2011/2012 with Ari and Hanhee being replaced by Ye Eun and Dasom. In 2012, the line-up was to change again; Ari would return alongside new members Jinhee and Miso while Ye Eun, Dasom and EJ were to leave the group. A further line-up change was announced in 2014 with Jungbin being replaced with Jerry. Jin also ceased promotions with Tahiti but no new member was announced. The current Tahiti line-up consists of; Miso, Minjae, Jerry, Jisoo and Ari.

Before debut, Tahiti was promoted in a sitcom style reality program named, ‘Ta-Dah! It’s TAHITI’, with their original line-up. The show was broadcast by TV stations in South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore. At the end of ‘Ta-Dah! It’s TAHITI’ it was revealed that members Ari and Hanhee had left the group and would be replaced by Ye Eun and Dasom.


Tonight, Tahiti’s debut song, was released on July 23rd 2012 and promotions of the single began on 25th July on Show Champion. In October 2012 teaser images and videos for Tahiti’s new single, Hasta Luego, were released. These teaser images revealed that Dasom, Ye Eun and EJ were no longer members of Tahiti. The three members were replaced by former member Ari, Miso and Jinhee. On 31st October 2012, Hasta Luego was released and followed by the release of Pretty Face on December 2nd 2012.


Tahiti went on to perform at the SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds in the Philippines on January 19th 2013 alongside Girl’s Generation, EXO, U-KISS, Tasty and Infinite. This concert marked Tahiti’s first time performing overseas.

In March 2013, Tahiti released the OST single, ‘Don’t Know, Don’t Know’ for the South Korean TV series ‘You’re The Best, Lee Soon-shin’, where they also made a cameo appearance.


July 23rd 2013 marked Tahiti’s one year anniversary and upcoming mini album release and they celebrated by holding a showcase. On July 25th, Five Beats of Hearts was released, with the accompanying video to Love Sick. Jin did not perform in this video or any live performances of Love Sick, due to the concept having a strong sexual nature.

Dream Star Entertainment announced on June 4th 2014 that Jungbin would not be participating in any upcoming promotions due to health issues. The company did not confirm whether Jungbin’s absence would be temporary or permanent.


In June 2014 the Oppa, You’re Mine teaser was released to the public and announced a new member, Jerry. The music video to Oppa, You’re Mine was released the next day. Jin was not featured in any of the promotional material or videos for Oppa, You’re Mine and both the group and the company have yet to acknowledge her absence officially.


Tahiti’s songs and videos are good and they deserve more recognition from the international fans! We hope to see more of Tahiti overseas so don’t hesitate to support them!



Kirsty H. – July 2014

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