The Boss consists of 5 members; Mika, Karam, Hyunmin, Injun and Jay. The group originally signed under Open World Entertainment and debuted with Amazing Boy on the 4th March 2010. The group are known as Dae Guk Nam Ah (DGNA), literally meaning the Boys of Super Space, which is how their English name of ‘The Boss’ was created and in Japan they are known as Daikoku Danji.

All 5 members of the band were previously signed to Xing Entertainment and members of the generation band Xing but with different stage names. Their first dance/ballad mini album Awake was released on the 17th June 2010 and included the singles, Admiring Boy, Shining World and the more recent release of the next album, Stumble Stumble.

In January 2011 they returned to the music scene with a 3 members unit group named Popsicle with members Mika, Karam and Jay. On the 12th of January they released their music video entitled, “I’ll Love You Until It Snows in the Middle of a Summer Day”. On the 20th January 2011, The Boss won the Newcomer Award at the 20th Seoul Music Awards. They left back to Japan the day after to prepare for their Japanese debut.

DGNA’s first Japanese PV was released on March 30th 2011 and was titled Love Power. Their Japanese debut was successful and made them very popular in Japan. June 15th 2011 saw their 2nd Japanese single titled Love Bingo and their 3rd single, Love Parade, was released in Japan on September 21st 2011 which was originally intended as the last of their “Love Series”.

In the same month of 2011, The Boss came back to promote in Korea after a year in Japan. They promoted with their 2nd single album, Lady. DGNA spent only one month promoting their new song and album in Korea before returning to Japan.

On December 7th 2011, another single was released, titled Love Days. It is their 4th single since Love Power and continues on with the “Love Series” theme. Love Letters, their 1st Japanese album, was released in Japan on January 18th 2012. The album was then followed by their 5th single release of Jumping on March 28th 2012.

Unfortunately DGNA and their label-mate X-5 had to cease activities with their company, Open World Entertainment, after the CEO was charged and arrested for sexual harassment. Their 1st Korean album, Shadow, was subsequently cancelled and never released.

Their 2nd full Japanese album, On The Way, was released on 13th March 2013 and sold 7, 624 copies. Breaking their 2 year hiatus in Korea, POOM Entertainment announced that The Boss had signed a contract with them and would be releasing an album in November 2013.

The album was titled Chapter II, with the title single Why Goodbye and the physical release of the album was on the 2nd December 2013. The Boss then released their most recent album on the 15th October 2014, titled Rilla Go!.

DGNA are a great group and deserve a lot of fans’ love. Please do not hesitate to support The Boss and hopefully they could visit Europe for a concert?

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