Topp Dogg is a hip-hop group that debuted last October under Stardom Entertainment. As you all know, it’s a big issue to debut in the k-pop world and Topp Dogg‘s debut was literally huge: Cho PD announced that the group was composed of 13 members and that they’re going to be the Super Junior of hip-hop filling in the gap that was previously taken from former Stardom Entertainment group Block B. Loads of expectations, curiosity but also doubts filled the air as this rookie group was preparing to explode into the k-pop scene. But there was also one thing I was sure about: they’re definitely not going to be unnoticed with their hot debut!

Their debut song “Say It” was the confirmation that this group has a lot of potential, being able to draw the attention of many through their balanced way of being a group, the power of their songs and their energy while dancing.

Since their debut, they always showed us that they have a lot of potential. Despite being 13 members, each personality and skills stands out in their own way and the result is a powerful and harmonious newcomer group where the single members complete each other through their different skills.
Following a 13-members group can be quite confusing for the fans, especially at the beginning, having troubles to remember their names or even to tell them apart.
P-Goon, dancer, vocalist, rapper, is also the charismatic leader of the group. He’s one of the oldest of the group being born in 1991 and you can clearly see he’s a mature guy.
B-Joo was the first Topp Dogg member to be introduced through a teaser image and most of you probably remember him because of his pale, violet hair. He’s particularly skilled in dancing.

Hojoon is the glasses-guy of the group and he’s a former Brave Entertainment trainee who was supposed to debut with BIGSTAR. He’s a very talented dancer and his strong point is street dancing.
Yano is the maknae of the group and he strikes with his strong voice and rap lines.
Nakta is one of the vocalists of the group. He was a trainee under Jellyfish Entertainment and was supposed to debut with VIXX.

A-Tom is one of the lead rappers of the group and his voice has a strong and particular note that immediately sticked in my mind.

Xero has outstanding dancing skills and therefore he’s the main dancer of the group and puts loads of efforts in it.

Jenissi is one of the vocalists of the group and he does also rap. He’s the oldest of the group and has a very expressive face.

Seogoong is the main vocalist of Topp Dogg together with Sangdo and their positions are well deserved, because their voices are particular, strong and both have a wide vocal range.

Hansol is the lead dancer of the group. He’s a former JYP Entertainment trainee and former backup dancer of EvoL.

Kidoh is the Lead rapper and was a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment supposed to debut with BTS. He’s a big fan of Kayne West and lived in Australia for 2 years when he was younger.

The last member is Gohn and he’s the lead vocalist of the group.

So far, they’ve released 4 mini-albums: “Dogg’s Out” with their debut single “Say It”, the repackage version with the lead track “Cigarette”, selling out already during the pre-order period. The next mini-album was Arario with the title track Open The Door, another big hit that sold out the day of the release and lately, on the 24 of February, they released the “Arario Special Edition Version” with Arario as title track and one of their best works so far.

Even if they’re “just” rookies and they still have a long way to go, we can say that Topp Dogg definitely has a lot of potential as a group and that they are working really hard to show it to all of us day by day. So, although it might be difficult to recognize all 13 of them and even if learning their names is not as easy as it seems, you should at least listen to their music because you’re not going to regret it!

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