TWICE are a girl group under JYP Entertainment who have been topping the charts consistently since their debut in 2015. TWICE has nine members altogether, who battled it out in the television show “SIXTEEN” in order to become members of the group! Since the debut of the girl group Miss A, TWICE are the first new girl group to be created by JYP.

Jihyo is the leader of TWICE. She was born in 1997 and had trained for 10 years prior to joining TWICE! She is the member who has trained by far the longest and she acts not only as TWICE’s leader, but also as an outstanding vocalist whose vocals range from hitting high to low notes! Jihyo is quite close to most of the JYP family (including Wonder girls and 2PM) and has even appeared in the music video “Only You” by Miss A!

Sana is one of the Japanese members of TWICE! She was born in 1996 in Osaka and she is TWICE’s star dancer! Sana’s interest in the Korean music scene began with the popularity of groups like Kara in Japan! She was scouted by JYP in 2012 and successfully won her place in TWICE with the tv show “SIXTEEN”.

Momo, like Sana and Mina, was born in Japan! Momo has been seen around the Kpop scene in music videos such as Kim Heechul and Min Kyunghoon’s music video “Sweet Dream” and also GOT7’s “Stop It Stop It” music video! Momo’s name means “Peach” in Japanese. She is the only member of TWICE who was eliminated during “SIXTEEN”, however she was brought back as JYP took a liking to her talents and charms! Like Sana, Momo is one of TWICE’s main dancers.

Junghyeon, born in 1996, is the member of TWICE who is most recognisable by her short and preppy hairstyle! Junghyeon is another talented member of TWICE who has a very stable vocal tone! Her older sister, Sungyeon, is an actress in Korea, and Junghyeon herself has also dabbled in acting as she appeared in GOT7’s “Girls Girls Girls” music video!

Nahyun is a ’95 liner, making her the oldest member in TWICE! She was the first to be selected as part of the group in SIXTEEN. Nahyun is TWICE’s lead vocalist and is known for having starred in music videos such as GOT7’s “Girls Girls Girls” and San E’s “Please Don’t Go”.

Mina is the final Japanese member of Twice. She was born in 1997 and acts as TWICE’s lead vocalist and also a dancer. She is famous for having learned ballet for 11 years, and she often demonstrates her skills on variety shows! Mina, like other members of TWICE, has appeared in various music videos such as Wooyoung’s “Rose”.

Dahyun is a ’98 liner and she acts as TWICE’s lead rapper. Dahyun is famous for her “eagle dance” viral video, already giving her an advantage of popularity, as she was a highly popular member during SIXTEEN! Dahyun is truly an asset to TWICE as she has great flow to her rap and she has a way with words!

Chaeyoung, like Tzuyu, was born in 1999 and is the main rapper and also a vocalist in TWICE. Again, like the other members, Chaeyoung appeared in GOT7’s music video “Stop It Stop It”. Chaeyoung is a creative spirit as she enjoys art and loves to draw!

Tzuyu is the maknae, or youngest member, of Twice! She was born in 1999 and she is known for her supermodel appearance! She is the only Taiwanese member of Twice. Tzuyu is the tallest member of TWICE, standing tall at 169cm!

TWICE, although still a fairly new group having debuted in 2015, have a reputation for being the “trendy” girl group! They often top the charts and since their debut have received a total of 14 awards and have won first place on a total of 24 music shows! TWICE have truly shifted the music scene in Korea and they will definitely be a girl group that will go down in history!

Written – January 2017 by Isabelle

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