In 2014, Yuehua Entertainment, one of the most famous Chinese entertainment companies, joined hands with Starship Entertainment for an interesting debut: UNIQ, a 5 member male idol group. After a through preparation for more than 3 years (the members were trained under YG Entertainment), 3 Chinese members (Wang Yibo, Li Wenhan and Zhou Yixuan) and 2 Korean members (Kim Sungjoo and Cho Seungyeon ) officially debuted as UNIQ in October 2014 with the single titled “Falling in Love”.

The name of the group was formed from the combination of two words; unicorn and unique. It wants to highlight not only the potential of promoting in two countries, but also the members being special and their desire to become legends in the music world.  With the release of their first mini-album “EOEO” in April 2015, UNIQ was able to stand out not only in the Korean kpop industry, but also in the Chinese market as well. UNIQ gained quite some recognition by winning different awards, holding fan meetings all around Asia and appearing in various TV shows as well as TV commercials.


It’s not only the name, their singing and dancing abilities which are unique. Every single member stands out in his own way and this is one of the best characteristics of this group.

Zhou Yixuan is the leader for all the Chinese activities.  He is the eldest of all the members, being born in 1990.  He is a charismatic and expressive rapper and was in fact scouted by Yueha Entertainment at KOD (Keep On Dancing), one of the biggest Asian hip-hop competitions. It’s said that he decided to become an artist after seeing a performance by Rain, dreaming of being on stage like him.


Li Wenhan was born in 1994 and is the main vocals of the group. Mind that he’s not only gifted in singing: he’s very skilled in sports and his specialty is swimming. Before his debut with UNIQ, Li Wenhan was studying in the United States, but gave up everything to focus on his career in the music world.

Wang Yibo, born in 1997, is the third and last Chinese member of the group. He’s not only the maknae, but also the main dancer, rapper and even a very the distinctive visual for the group. He’s very lively and talkative, definitely skilled in dancing but he dreams of being recognized not only as dancer, but as a well-rounded artist.


Kim Sungjoo was born in 1994 and is the main vocalist of the group, as well as the leader for the Korean activities. Fluent not only in Korean, but also in conversational Japanese and Chinese, he stands out for his great visual and lovely smile. Because of his beauty, he already had a consistent fandom prior to his debut with UNIQ. He loves taekwondo and dreams of becoming a talented musician.

Cho Seungyeon is a ’96-liner and is active both as a rapper and a vocalist in the group. His other passion is football, and he was even part of a Brazilian football school before returning to Korea to pursue the artist career. It’s said he’s fluent in Korean, Portuguese, Tagalog and Mandarin Chinese.

December 2015 – by Moed88

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