VROMANCE is a South-Korean band, signed under the agency Rainbow Bridge World.

The band was formed in 2014. The 4 members (Park Jang Hyun, Lee Chan Dong, Park Hyun Kyu and Lee Hyeon Seok) used to be choristers, and also were the vocal coaches for several idols.

They started by posting covers on their YouTube channel and got the attention of the audience, especially with their mashup reuniting more than 20 kpop songs. They were often seen busking in Hongdae, and even got to perform at their label-mates Mamamoo‘s guerilla concert in 2015! Also, even prior to that, Hyun Kyu and Jang Hyun sang the song ‘Love Is’ for the OST of the famous drama ‘The Heirs’.

After having been featured on HuhGak‘s single ‘Already Winter‘, they officially debuted in July 2016, by releasing their first mini-album ‘The Action‘, with the title track ‘She‘.

On January 5th, the band held a comeback showcase and released their 2nd mini-album called ‘Romance‘ the next day.

Their music is very heartwarming, and it is no wonder that their voices are always 100% on point. If you like beautiful ballads, VROMANCE is definitely a band that you should check out!

Also, one more thing : their fandom name is VROCCOLI, which is obviously broccoli spelled with a V. This name was chosen because broccoli brings energy, so VROMANCE can provide the fans with energy through their music, and “VROCCOLI” can support the band with their energy as well. This alone could be a reason to stan them!

Written – January 2017