Wonder Girls began their long and successful career in 2007, appearing on an MTV show of the same name to display their talents before making their debut. Originally, the quintet consisted of Yeeun, Sunmi, Sohee, Sunye and Hyuna. This incarnation of the group commenced its activities during February of the same year, with the single “Irony”, which was taken from the min-album The Wonder Begins.

In the aftermath, owing to health issues, Hyuna opted to leave the group, with Yubin arriving as her replacement in late September, coinciding with the release of their debut album The Wonder Years. The album brought them plenty of recognition, with its singles “This Fool” and “Tell Me”, the latter of which, became a viral hit due to its choreography.

By May of 2008, the group were prepping for their next major comeback, but released the digital single “So Hot” to bridge this gap.

Then in the fall, they dropped the single “Nobody”, which earned them stellar praise, a glut of awards, and international recognition. This attention would follow them through the year and into 2009, when they began to tour extensively outside Korea. With a slot on the Jonas BrothersWorld Tour, and an English version of the hit, they capitalised upon this success, until it was announced in early 2010 that Sunmi would temporarily halt her musical career, leading to Hyerim’s arrival straight from the JYP Rookies. This change-up caused delays to the group’s subsequent plans, including a part-English album and tour.

Yet, despite this setback, the group persevered, launching the Wonder World Tour, seeing performances across the States, including a slot at the Hollywood Bowl. Midway through the tour, during May, they released the “2 Different Tears” extended play.

As 2011 began, further hints came that the American album was on the horizon. However, while the next ten months saw various performances, including a three-song set at the Special Olympics in Athens, the long-awaited second album took until November to complete.

Entitled the Wonder World, the album featured the stellar hit “Be My Baby”. This brought them an even greater swell of popularity, which led to The Wonder Girls movie, and its immensely popular soundtrack, The DJ Is Mine. However, the heavily hyped American album remained off in the distance, although until that point, in June of 2012, the release of their mini-album Wonder Party, featuring the single “Like This” proved to be a satisfying midpoint, with the aforementioned track winning them MBC’s Show Champion.

In July, they released “Like Money”, featuring Akon, and during November, they came out with their Japanese release Wonder Best, but, in 2013, with the announcement of Sunye’s engagement followed news that the group would take a hiatus.

Performing one last time at the Winter Special Olympics, during February, the next few months were blank, until Sunye gave birth to her first child, whilst Sohee departed from the group in December. Then, as 2014 passed by with many expressing concern over the group’s future,the summer of 2015 rolled along and the group announced their return.

Confirming Sohee, and Sunye’s departures, but also, the return of Sunmi, the group decided to go for a reboot, opting to perform on their third as album as both singers and musicians. Naturally, the release was given the name “Reboot”, and with its retro synth pop, the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, opening up a new pathway for one of K-Pop’s most recognized groups.

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