Kana Nishino will be singing “Torisetsu” for the upcoming film  ‘Heroine Shikkaku‘!



The movie is set to hit theaters of September 19th and comes from the shojo manga bearing the same name. The movie is about the female protagonist (Hatori Matsuzaki) hoping that her best friend who is also her crush (Rita Terasaka) will hopefully start liking her too! The plot thickens as she falls into a love triangle with him and the heartthrob of the school, Hiromitsu Kosuke.



Kana‘s song takes on the persona of Hatori, as she sings about how she doesn’t understand men and the feelings that they have, possibly a little hint at Rita as his obliviousness! Kana says this about the track: “The theme song ‘Torisetsu’ is like an ‘instruction manual’ of a woman’s inner feelings that men have a hard time understanding.



While there is no date yet for the release of this theme song, look forward to it!